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Well I decided to take a shot at posting on this blog. I added the following comments today:

I think this is great news for Buick and I have recently made the switch (or at least trying to) to GM/Buick. I have on order a 2008 Enclave. What I believe is the next step is revap the order process. I currently am aware of customers that want to be Buick owners, but they can not get an order built. I have been waiting over 7 weeks without my order being sent for production, I am only at the allocation point. I know others that ordered in April and May that are still at 1100 order status. The whole dealer allocation process really needs to be looked into and orders should be built by order date, not by when a dealer gets an allocation. Buick is failing on this point and has buyers waiting that are now debating canceling orders and going with something else. This has been the most frustrating process for me and many others. Great, the vehicles are realiable and there are many that want these vehicles, but Buick can not execute and get our orders out to us. I really want this vehicle, but I am not willing to wait over 10-15 weeks to get a vehicle.

Posted by: muljo on August 27, 2007 1:07 PM

Another person posted one after mine that they have been waiting 2 months for the Enclave.

I say keep 'em coming.
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