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Acadia & Enclave side x side...wife chooses Enclave

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I guess my wife meets the target for the GM CUV buyers crowd...
Although we are going to wait until after the first of the year to purchase our next vehicle (if our Sable will last that long). We dropped off my Ronde for repair work and the dealer had an Acadia and Enclave sitting side by side and within a few moments of visual examination she said the Enclave was much more attractive and it had a "Luxurious" look to it. The Acadia reminded her of the 2002 Envoy we use to own. She went on to say the Acadia looked to boxy for her and remined her of a minivan. Go fiqure?
We will likely get the CX AWD with a few options and since we get the employee discount it might not be as painful to purchase. Her present car is a Ford so I think she has finally seen the light. GM has done a very nice job with these CUV's.
The Rev :dancing:
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I'm curious...
Has your wives or girlfiriends reacted the same way? I was suprised her response was such that she would be more favorable to one verses the other. Normally she says a car is a car and the color is what makes the car desirable. Her thinking was the shape or looks of a vehicle was secondary and the color is what is important and makes it desirable. I was mildly surpirsed at her astute evaluation and response of picking of the Enclave verses the Acadia...in about 60 seconds! Maybe GM did know what they were talking about for a change? ???
The Rev
hi rev,

i am purchasing the enclave and yes i prefer it over the acadia because it looks more sleek and elegant. the acadia reminds me too much of a truck, it looks more sporty.
I like the exterior appearance of the Acadia but the interior was a real turnoff. Especially at night with all the red lights on the dash. Made me think of >:D. After sitting in it for about 30 seconds I decided I wouldn't be happy driving it for the next 5 years.

i think you could have changed that red light to another color. i read it on the acadia forum somewhere.
I'd like to see it with another color. It probably looks much better. I wouldn't trade it for my Enclave though.
For my wife and I, the comparison was Outlook vs. Enclave. We much prefer woodgrain interior and tan leather and the Acadia didn't offer it. Then, the Enclave beat out the Outlook primarily due to the backup camera.
I don't think anyone has actually figured out how to do it on the Acadia yet. Some actually prefer the Red gauges. To each their own. Between the two, Blue is much better looking to me.
I like the Orange[/color] ambient light and the Blue[/color] gauges! Go[/color] Gators[/color]!
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