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Aftermarket Power Folding Mirrors?

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We opted-out of the package with the folding mirrors assuming it would fit through the garage opening easily but we're finding that the fit is very tight and pulling-in is a little close (about 2-inches on either side of the mirrors) so we now wish we would have gotten the power mirrors.

Does anyone know if there is an after-market folding mirror set for the Enclave or if the vehicle can be retrofitted with the OEM mirrors?
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It can be done! If you go w/ OE from Buick it will cost plenty! 2 new mirror assemblies needed. You could put a universal switch on the dash for them, or swap out the drivers arm rest on door. That's where the OE fold switch is.

I've seen some aftermarket Signal lite mirrors in the car mags. Maybe they do folders too?

BUT..................before you do this, I have them and, yep, 2" on each side, when backing out. But we STOPPED folding the mirrors in, because it was easier to have them guide us out, than not! Go figure :confused:
In our last truck (Sequoia), we would use the mirrors to guide us and once we got close to the edge, we would then fold them in so as to not worry about an inch or two. It was nice but we're used to the truck now and my wife hasn't complained about the lack of folding mirrors anymore.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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