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I have another question on a potential car I found. This particular carfax shows 2 owners, but I can't tell if it's really due to a correction. Also, should I be concerned about a Fleet and or corporate? Maybe fleet not so good as that could be a car rental? This one shows a corporate lease, but does have some service history, so at least they seemed to be maintaining it. You can see below that it was originally a corporate vehicle, then there was a correction, then later it was a lease and then sold at auction. I didn't paste in the oil changes.

Thanks for any thoughts on this one.

Owner 1
Purchased: 2014
Type: Corporate
Where: Illinois
Est. length owned: 12/29/14 - 7/1/16 (1 yr. 6 mo.)

12/29/2014 Illinois
Motor Vehicle Dept. Vehicle purchase reported
Titled or registered as
corporate vehicle

01/26/2016 Illinois
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Saint Charles, IL Registration issued or renewed
Correction to record

Owner 2
Purchased: 2016
Type: Lease
Where: Illinois
Est. length owned: 7/1/16 - 8/8/16 (1 month)

07/01/2016 36,236 Illinois
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Chicago, IL
Title #161836280220 Title issued or updated
New owner reported
Loan or lien reported
Titled or registered as lease vehicle
Vehicle color noted as Gray

08/08/2016 Auto Auction
Illinois Vehicle sold at auction
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