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I am also VERY sick and tired of the import loving automotive media crowd. Notice how when GM or Ford has a recall it is blared everywhere as "another sign of poor American quality" and "no wonder GM and Ford are going in the tank". And yet when Toyota or Honda have multi-million vehicle recalls (as they have BOTH had in the past couple of years), then it is swept under the rug and kept hush-hush. Reminds me of EXACTLY how the media blows WAY out of proportion issues with Republican Presidents, but when Democrat administrations do the EXACT same thing on a MUCH grander scale, you never hear ANYTHING about it (i.e. the fact that Clinton fired EVERY SINGLE US Attorney when he was president - and when Bush has Gonzales fire a handful, then they all should be impeached, drawn and quartered, stripped naked, beaten, whipped and then hung in a public square). The sad thing is that the "huddled masses" of pea-brained citizens in this country believe the lies when they hear them over and over and over again and start accepting them as truth whether it be about cars or their government. The "lies become truth" and "the truth becomes a lie".
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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