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baby car seat

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I like to see pictures from the second row seats (captain chair) with a baby car seat.
How can you go to the 3th row seat without removing the baby or the baby car seat.
Can you remove the center console between the second row seats.

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At this point, the second row console isn't even available yet - it will be an option thereafter - so access is between the captains chairs to the third row. The second row console, when it's available, will not be removable.
We have a baby seat on one side and then the kids get in through the other side that does not have a car seat. Otherwise they can walk in between the 2 captains chairs, because center console is not available yet.
We put the baby seat for my 3 year old (Britax) in the Enclave for the test drive and then we checked to see if we could get to the third row seats through the same door. It was a little tight but because there is no center console yet we could do it and still have enough room for two adults in the third row. Even if the center console was available now we would not get it because we like having access to the third row without having to slide the second row of seats like other SUV's. Even with the baby seat in it was easier getting into the third row of seats than a Landcruiser or Lexus GX470.
Wow, that's one of the big reasons we fell in love with the Enclave/Acadia platform... 2nd row captains chairs and the possibility of accessing the third row even with baby seats in the middle chairs. With a three year old I assume the Britax was in the forward facing position? Did you try rear facing (guessing not)? Do you mind telling me which model Britax you tried? Could I bother you to pull all your old infant carriers and baby seats out of the garage and take them back to the dealer (none in my area have an Enclave on the lot) and make a detailed report with pictures on how all of them fit, in 2nd and third rows, and access to the third row with various seats installed?

OK, OK, so I was just kidding about that last part.
Funny you mentioned that, we are expecting another baby and thought about the rear facing car seat. It is tighter so you will definetly want to enter on the side that has the forward facing seat...just being able to get into a vehicle that has child seats and seating more adults is awesome. It is the reason we picked it over the Q7, Not to mention we liked the softer ride in the Enclave better than the sportier ride of the Audi, a very family friendly car.
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