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Back Up Camera

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I am debating whether or not to order an Enclave with a back up camera. With the limited view out the rear window, it may be a useful feature. I have yet to see one at a dealer. Could some of the current owners post a review on how well it works and is it worth the money, as it is part of a package. Thanks

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I have ordered but not yet received my Enclave. I did order it with the backup camera. I test drove an Escalade to check out a backup camera. It was impressive -- clear with a wide field of view.

For me, the decision was clear -- how much would you pay to avoid backing over a child that you cannot see in your rearview mirror? Kids can dart in back of your car even if you are being careful.
I haven't seen the back up camera in the Enclave yet, but we have one in our Acura TL and I don't think I'd get another car without one. Our Expedition has the beeps while you are backing up, but half the time it beeps because of the side of the garage. I feel MUCH safer knowing that one of my three sons is not behind me!
It works well, particularly when backing out of parking spots, the wide angle shows oncoming traffic. My wife uses it daily when leaving work, just ease back and take a look, especially if a taller vehicle is parked on either side of her. The problem is that you have to spend around $3000 to get it. We didn't think we would want Nav. but the Enclave we ended up buying had it, I'm sold on it now.
We test drove one this past weekend. My wife liked it as she struggled a bit with the lack of rear view. I can see it helping when towing our camper as I often do this chore by myself with a few trips in/out of the car. My only negative was that it was a very sunny day and the view was somewhat like a TV monitor that is affected by the sunlight directly hitting it (kind of blurry). I also hate that you have to spend thousands on the top of the line NAV since we already have a Garmin that works fine.
i test drove an enclave w/the camera and i liked it alot. it did what i needed it to do and some. will be a big help to me.
works great !love this feature
We've had our Enclave for about 1 1/2 weeks and I love the back up camera. Especially because I have young children and there are lots of kids in the neighborhood. Also, I worry about kids in parking lots especially after one of mine got away from me once. It is expensive, but it is reassuring to see what is actually behind the car when backing up instead of just relying on blinking lights on the backup sensor to let me know that something is back there. And it indicates on the screen where the close objects are with a blinking triangle. It's a little extra peace of mind.
So the parking assist is somewhat integrated with the backup camera?
coldtex said:
The problem is that you have to spend around $3000 to get it. We didn't think we would want Nav. but the Enclave we ended up buying had it, I'm sold on it now.
Its a bigger problem in Canada, as the Nav is only available on the CXL. The spread between CX and CXL is about $7,300,
so going with nav would have added roughly $10,000 to the cost, which pretty much ruled out that option for me. Having
seen it in person, it does work really well though, and if you are in an area with lots of little kids, it may be worth it.
Holy schnikey's :puke: :puke:, I believe I could have done without it for that price too.
My Enclave came with the backup camera. I absolutely love it. Here on Long Island there have been several incidents over the past few years where ordinary middle class people have backed up over children and killed them while exiting their driveways. How much is it worth to avoid that???? This is a wonderful feature and I'll never buy a car without it again. Thanks, GM!!

And just to show you how obsessive I am about this, I still use both rear-view mirrors in addition to the camera. Being careful costs nothing, and could save a life.

Big Larry
I specifically need the NAV for the Backup Camera, otherwise I care less about the NAV, I do not go to new places all the time and for those ocassions Yahoo Maps does the job or On Star turn by turn.

In my opinion the extra cost definitely worth it. The visbility in the rear is poor especially when backing up. In addition I would still recommend getting the Driver Confidence package, for the Ultrasonic park assist, it works as the backup to the backup :thumb:

The camera works excellent at night as well you can still see image in color at night.
Since getting my Enclave and getting used to the backup camera, I have not relied on the rear view mirrors as much. The mirrors pointing down while in reverse is also a great idea. I also set my rear view mirrors according to an article in CARTALK.COM... http://www.cartalk.com/content/features/mirrors/hs~step1.html
I have eliminated the blind spots on both sides. Took a few days to get used to the new setup, but it works!!!
The logic is very simple. "If you don't see it in the side mirrors, THERE'S NO ONE THERE", change lanes safely.
If you see a car in the mirrors, that means there's someone in your blind spot.
I have not been able to persuade anyone to this method, they feel they need to see the side of their car and not the right or left lane next to your rear bumper.


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you still need to rely on the old fashioned method of looking over your shoulder. REMEMBER THE MOTORCYCLE RIDERS they don't always use lanes.
We did not order the back up camera and Navigation with our Enclave.
Will we survive without it?? ???
4kids said:
We did not order the back up camera and Navigation with our Enclave.
Will we survive without it?? ???
Yes, but those around you will not. :banghead:
You aree correct about looking over the shoulder, and I still do that as a means of assurance that the mirrors are not lying. In Miami the cyclists pass you at 100+ MPH and no mirrors in the world will save them if a car decides to change lanes. We scrape at least one a week from our local Freeways. Florida HP has not been able to get a handle on the situation because their cars cannot compete with the cycles, and if they try to stop them ahead by blocking the road, it results in fatal injuries. Since switching the way that I keep my mirrors, I have not had a single incident of cutting someone off or even comming close. :blob:


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Maybe this can help the way you setup your mirrors to avoid blind spots.

Thought I would weigh in again. IMO - I think if you can afford it, the back up camera is one of the most important things to add to this vehicle. I measured today and it is 50"+ from the bottom of the rear window to the ground. The back up sensor works, but it is nice to be able to see what is behind you. Especially if you ever run out in a hurry. The sensor can't tell the difference between a kid and a trash can. The wide angle is a plus when in parking lots.

When we were first looking, one salesman tried to talk me out of the Nav because, well he didn't have an Enclave with Nav in stock. He kept telling me how expensive it was and to go get a Garmin. I finally said that I could really care less about the nav, it was the camera that I was adamant about. Of course, I had just read 2 articles about parents backing over kids, so I really felt that since mine were still so young, that it was a necessity not an option. It does take some getting used to. It does feel weird to back up while not constantly looking out of the rear window; old habits are hard to break. Imo it is a great investment.
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