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This board is designed to allow enclaveforum.net members have a place to talk about topics other than the Enclave. Unlike the rest of the boards here, this one will have slightly more relaxed rules regarding adult language, adult topics and content. In addition, the threads started here will not show up in the "Recent Topics" list on the main page and guests will not be able to view these posts. You will have to come back to this board to see new posts and replies. This will help people avoid this area that don't want to participate.

Less Moderation doesn't mean the Wild West in here. So here are some rules:

1) Adult themed topics and language will be permitted, but please keep this in check. That doesn't mean pornographic content - text or images.
2) Absolutely NO racial or ethnic slurs will be permitted.
3) No personal attacks on other members.
4) Heated debates will only be tolerated as long as the above rules are followed.

The bottom line here is to use this board for more personal conversations between members that you don't want out for the general public (guests). Keep in mind, though, that any member can still view these and we have members of all ages and backgrounds. Be civil to each other!

Finally, This is an experiment. If the rules above are not followed, I'll remove this board and we'll go back to be a rated PG forum. So have fun, but please don't abuse this new privilege.

Thanks guys,
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