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I've looked and can not find the number to call Buick or GM to find out the status of our ENCLAVE order. :blob: Anyone out there willing to share the number? :help:
Appreciate any help!! :thumb:

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I just went to buick.com and hit the contact us link at the bottom of the page. Call the customer relations center. I was told they consider you a current customer if you have ordered. It doesn't matter if you are still waiting for it. The service was so-so. They called the dealer to verify I was who I stated I was (Even though I gave the cust. service rep. my order number). They called me back about 2 hours later to let me know the status but couldn't tell me when it would move along to production. My dealer then called about 30 minutes after that to tell me the same status but told me he should have a production target week in a couple of days. I'll believe it when I see it. My dealer did tell me I am now next in line to get a luxury pkg from his dealership. I was 8th. when I ordered on July 11.

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