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Buick dealers clamoring for Enclave before they go on sale

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If dealer anticipation is anything to go by, the new Buick Enclave has already exceeded the expectations of General Motors. Buick dealers have put in orders for 6,000 units of the third large CUV to be built on the automaker's Lambda platform, the other two being the Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia. This is one of those good news/bad news situations, as GM only has the capacity to build around half of the orders taken for the Enclave by the time the SUV goes on sale by June 1st.

So far, the Acadia appears to be handily outselling the Outlook by over 2 to 1, racking up 5,965 sales this year through February compared to 2,844 sales of the Outlook. The Enclave will be positioned above its two CUV siblings with a starting price of $32,790. Dealers are also ordering Enclaves optioned to the hilt with premium items, so expect average transaction prices to be much higher. The looming question is whether consumers can stomach a premium-priced CUV from Buick after being weened on the heavily incentivised Rendezvous. We think they can, if based solely on the fact that the Enclave is a real looker and the other two Lambda CUVs have been received well by the press so far.

Source: http://www.spaninh.autoblog.com/200...clamoring-for-enclave-before-they-go-on-sale/
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