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That's the minimum, early-summer buy-in for what is arguably Buick's most exciting, most innovative product in decades. That just-under 33 grand purchases a front wheel drive CX model with standard 275hp V6, Buick's first 6-speed tranny, xenon lights, heated mirrors, power liftgate, stability control, six airbags, disc brakes all around, multi-zone climate control, XM satellite radio and a few other expected goodies. For $2,000 more, you get to power all four wheels on the CX. Step up to the CXL front-wheel drive for $34,990 and four-wheel for $36,990. Not sure yet what the extra money for the CXL gets you, though.

Options include front passenger opening sunroof with rear skylight, bigger wheels (natch), more speakers, fold flat rear seat, back-up camera and articulating headlights.

While it's definitely a huge improvement over past Buick offerings, the Enclave has some serious competition in this price range. It will have to fight Acura's RDX, Honda's Pilot, Ford's Edge, the Infinit FX35, the Lexus R350, Lincoln MKX, and the Volvo XC90 for sales. Add some of those fancier options to the Acadia and the price tag could climb on up into Cayenne territory. It's a tough segment and we hope the General is sending the Enclave to a gun fight armed with more than a very nice looking switchblade.

Read full article at: http://www.autoblog.com/2007/01/19/buick-enclave-pricing-released/
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