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Justy got off the phone with from a buick survey, asking aobut problems. Nice touch, but, I wish the poll taker was a little better able to adapt followup questions to the situation. I am a retired Quality management instructor/consultant, so understand the difficulties.
My only complaint was about design, the inability to enter nav address, explore POIs (motels/restaurants in particular, in upcoming towns). After I explained it was a safety oriented design that i felt was unnecissary and annoying, and giving a scenario in which it was troublesome, she wanted to know if the problem had been resolved or was still occuring! YES! (I know that i can get a lockpick to overcome this, but won't that affect my warranty?

Another thing i told her about that she said was out of her purview: on our last trip, I apparently did not fully secure the gas cap after refueling. My check engine light came on and stayed on. I was nowhere near a Buick dealer, but went to a Pontiac/Chevy GMC truck dealer. They did not have the equipment to check a Buick! Acadia surely uses the same diagnostic tools!
However the service writer did tip my off about the gas cap and the light went out after about 20 starts and stops.

Still love my enclave! Still ahve not seen one anywhere in a month and 2K of out of town driving. Got some WOW! and inquiries while dropping off wife in front of supermarket.
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