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I was in a mall the other day and I saw a guy wearing a very cool jacket (wind breaker) with the Toyota logo on it.  It inspired me to look for something to celebrate the pride I'm feeling for my upcoming vehicle.  I tried snooping through e-bay and a straight google search for a similiar Buick product, but with little success other than older logos or retro buick shirts and jackets.  If you look at the header for this forum, it is in that cocoa color that seems to be front and center for most of the Enclave images.  I'm thinking a cocoa coat/jacket/shirt with the new silver Buick thri-shield logo would be very cool.  I'm sure in all the hoopla and big time (Tiger Woods) promos that has gone on, they MUST have something out there similiar to this???

Has anyone on their journey's around the Enclave world seen anything releatively close to this (and info on how I could get access??)  :help:

Thanks  :blob:

Edit: I see that 50 people have looked at this with no replies which makes me think that such items do not exist...
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