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Buick Website Down?

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Have any of you had trouble getting on the Buick.com website? I have been trying for the last two days, and I get nothing but a blank screen. I can go to gmbuypower.com and all of the other GM websites (Pontiac.com, etc.) but the Buick website is dead.
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have you tried clearing your temp and cookie files? if not, after clearing them restart your puter and see if you can get in site then. gl
No issues, just checked! Wish they would have some flash animation so when you were building your Enclave, you could rotate it 360 instead of the old static side shot, just to get a better idea of how the vehicle will look overall in a particular color... :)
none here, but i never have a problem with my computer, i always have trouble with cox, i hate them but i am locked 2 year contract with 1 year left. there service is terrable, even a simple rain storms KO's them, and they are really rude people for tech help. but this is just me venting

no i had no trouble, what i would try is restarting your computer and try it again, if it does not fix it you may need a specal plug in if you are using firefox, i need it, i think it was a java thing update.
I downloaded the latest Java update....that fixed it. That's weird, because Java updates are usually automatic if you go to a website that needs a later version than what you have. Thanks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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