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2018 Enclave Avenire. The other day I noticed a pop up message that said something about an app download had failed, but it disappeared before I could really see what it was saying. Now I've noticed that all of the built in apps will open up but all I get is the spinning wheel, flashing progress boxes or nothing except for the splash screen for all the apps. I know the cellular connection/WiFi is working since I can connect my phone to the hotspot and get on the internet. Anyone else seeing this issue or an I just the lucky one?

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Welcome Thekodakmak. I recently had a problem with the apps. I contacted GM and received the following information, which seems to have resolved the problem. The whole procedure should take about 5-7 minutes.
1. Go into radio settings.
2. Return to factory settings.
3. Clear private data.
4. Follow screen prompt.
5. Ignition off (wait 2 minutes).
6. Ignition back on.
7. Go to Settings/Wi-Fi.
8. Connect to vehicle or other hotspot.
9. Allow about a minute for cleanup.
10. Launch apps.
11. Sign in.
12. Select country.
13. Select and agree to terms and conditions.

Let us know if that works.
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