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I too am looking at Buick Enclave. I am trading '04 Cadillac SRX with 30,000km as it's been in the shop past 5 weeks.... car has been rebuilt from one end to other at least once - talk about a lemon
Looked at MDX but dealer here doesn't keep them in stock and it's one price for all.
Looked at '07 Lexus 350 but no local dealer so too far to go for service
Liked BMW X5 but not the price tag.
Looks like I will get Enclave because I like the seating and cargo space. We travel to Arizona in winter and need lots of room for golf clubs, luggage etc.
Not thrilled about buying another GM nor a first-year vehicle... but what other choice is there?
Can't find anything that compares or comes close in the same price range.
Love the caddy but refuse to put up with it any more. They say the Northstar engines are a nightmare. Interesting that the GM salesman is suggesting I stay well aware from them.
Reading some of the posts here and the problems you're having with trim etc. scares me....
Quality control and service seem a thing of the past....
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