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can someone explain the reason for the break-in in detail???????

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whats the cause and effects of all this?and what if you don't stay under 55?
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while those rules are suggested, my dealer today said the gm engineers say its ok to run over the suggested limits as long as you vary your speed often ie don't take your first long trip and set the cruise on 75 and let her rip as that could damage the engine.
The under 55 for the first 500 miles only applies to AWD. It is not necessary with FWD. Don't ask me why.
The breakin is not for the engine. It's for the transfer case, its clutch and the rear differential unit (components only found on the AWD vehicle)
When we got our Enclave CXL awd I also noticed the break in recommendation. Let me tell you, that ride to NY on I-80 at 50-55 mph was the longest trip I can remember. OTOH, we did get +26 mpg... I figure, since I was spending ~$40K that I would "follow the rules."

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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