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Carbon Black Metallic vs Carbon Flash

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OK everyone, help me out.

1) Is Carbon Flash a different GM color than Carbon Black Metallic?
2) If so, are both available on the Enclave?

On the Buick website it is Carbon Black Metallic.

Thx, Steve
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The only Carbon available on the Enclave the Carbon Black Metallic. A few months back it was called Carbon Flash Metallic then was changed to Carbon Black Metallic. I don't know if they just changed the name or changed the color itself. In the Acadia, the black is called Carbon Metallic. I can't tell you if they look the same since I haven't seen a Black Enclave in person. Maybe in a week or so ;D.

Did u order black?

thx steve
2007 outlooks and acadias had "Carbon Metallic", a dark metallic gray color. That color was dropped for 2008 models and was replaced by Carbon Black Metallic and/or Carbon Flash Metallic (I think they played with the name a bit before settling on one). Regardless, it's available on all three 08 Lambdas and is a darker shade than the 07 CM color, though still not pure black.
The Carbon Metallic on any Acadia you saw prior to about the beginning of August was almost certainly the original dark charcoal color.

The Carbon Black/Carbon Flash is what you will find on any Enclave and Acadia's produced within the last month or so. It is almost a pure black base color with metallic added. Maybe a shade lighter than the darkest gloss black for the base color, but not by much.

From a distance and up close, people will call it black, not dark gray, charcoal, or anything else. It does have that nice metallic sparkle though, which prevents that deep wet mirror finish you can get with a high gloss black, but on the other hand is great to help disguise small nicks, scratches, swirls, etc.
sarends said:

Did u order black?

thx steve
Sure did ;D. Flava should be here by next week. I say this week so my wife and I have a standing bet >:D. My album gallery is all made up and I'm ready to post pics. I don't sound too excited, am I????
I don't sound too excited, am I?
:blob: :hyper: :blob: :hyper:
Excited...?? Nah, nah, not at all... :blob: :blob: :blob: :blob: :blob:
:blob: :blob: :blob: :blob: :blob: :blob:

:hyper: :blob: :hyper: :blob: :blob:

By the way...Congratulations!
Waiting for the pictures.
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