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Check engine light and Service Stable track control

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I have had my Buick Enclave for about 3 weeks and just rolled 1000 miles. We were on vacation and got into the vehicle and it displayed a message service stable track and the check engine light was on, when we tried to put it in drive the car reved up and didn't want to move, we then shut the car off and started it back up, the stable control message went away but the check engine light was still on. We then called onstar, they ran a diagnostic on the car and told us there was a malfunction in the stable tract control and transmission. This problem occured on a Saturday which pretty much left us without a car until monday. We called GMC roadside service which took 4 hours of waiting around till they finally picked up the car, after they took the car to the nearest GMC/Buick dealer they then checked the car and said it would have to stay overnight and that it was a sensor problem, The next day we then received a call from the dealership who then said that it wasn't a sensor problem but a problem with the software and was told by GMC that there was not a fix for this problem, we were then told by them to take the car and drive it like this until there is a fix for it and whenever this happens just pull over and restart the car to reset it. I guess this is easy for them to say to get rid of us but you pay 45,0000 for a vehicle pulling over on the side of the road and restarting the car is bulls**t. We then called the GMC customer service who then told us to pick up our car and drive it back to the dealership we purchased it from which is approx. 600 miles away and was told they would fix it. OK, so you mean only certain GMC/Buick service departments can fix this problem. The car still isn't fixed and our next step is taking it to the dealership of purchase hoping this will get resolved soon before GMC has a lawsuit filed against them. Oh and also thanks to this wonderful car everyone is waiting for, it ruined my vacation. :banghead:

If anyone else has had this problem please respond with your results. To the new Enclave owners and those waiting for their's "BEWARE".
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little touch tonight arent we.

any way are we talking about an acadia or an enclave, because you mentoned gmc more than buick.

no i never had a problem, but i think that it is not the cars fault but the dealer you took it to. Also shouldn't onstar send help and not gmc road side, when i called onstar for a problem with out corvette they had a tow truck in 30 min.
Sorry, I forgot to put that it was a Buick Enclave I guess that would have been important. We were told by the dealer to use GMC roadside service. Onstar never suggested sending any help to us.
yeah, that sucks.
BernadetteH said:
Onstar never suggested sending any help to us.
if somthing like that happens again, ask onstar to send help because there responce is a whole lot better because they get the nearest tow company to you, insted of having a gmc service come get you that may be 100 miles away.
You know I told my husband that Onstar should send someone and he said he was just doing what the dealer told him to do. But thanks for clearing that up for me because I thought the same, good to know for the future. hopefully we won't need to use it.
I too have had the stabilitrak check light come on, 3 times to be exact. My Enclave is also about 3 weeks old. I have brought it to 2 different Buick dealers. Both have been very polite and helpful but both said they called Buick and were told the same thing, they don't know what is causing it. Funny you should mention software glitch. Not only has my stablitrak come on but the compass on my mirror kept pointing West no matter what way we were traveling!!! It corrected itself with a restart of the car. Also, my rear assist park has shut off twice. But again resets itself with a restart. Now, I am trying to turn off the digital radio clock but the "on/off" display that my manual says should be showing is not!!!

We call our Enclave the Lemon and are just waiting for the fourth time the Stablitrak comes on. In New York State if something is not corrected in four tries we may enact the Lemon Law. C'est la vie.
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Sorry you are having this problem but it is only three times to invoke the NY State lemmon law. I returned a defective Ford that would just die on the road. Wait 10 minutes and it was fine. They found the problem too late and had to take it back. (was the catalitic converter). I hope this is not an omen of things to come. We just have 900 miles on our Enclave and so far no problems. Right now there seems to be a shortage of Enclaves. I took mine off the lot as equipped (fully equipped) but we have friends that didn't want to spend the money and ordered. The dealer told them it may be six months. Looking at the Buick site where you can check dealer inventory there are only three in our area and our area is larger than many states. Extreme upstate NY (Thousand Islands). Most dealers have none. I think they might even take yours back to avoid the lemmon law problem. Hope things work out for you. Keep your documentation as proof of service.
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