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Chevrolet Traverse

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Has anyone seen the new Chevy Traverse? It looks like the front end of the Trailblazer attached to the Acadia.

From cheersandgears.com:

The Detroit News has reported this morning that the upcoming Chevrolet fullsize crossover is very likely to carry the Traverse name, last seen on the 2000 concept crossover. Interestingly, the original Traverse saw its styling manifested years later in the production Malibu MAXX hatchback. This Traverse, however, will share its underpinnings with the class-leading Lambda crossovers. Assembled in Spring Hill rather than Lansing as the other crossovers are, the Traverse will likely debut at NAIAS08 and begin production shortly thereafter in 2008. Our sources indicate that the Chevy will not be a simple rebadge, rather it will be more differentiated than the Outlook and Acadia are from each other. Click below to discuss this further!


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yeah, i not a big fan of the look .personally i hope everyone goes for these,the saturns and acadias.
this way there aren't to many buicks on the road lol
I hear ya, I saw three Acadias on the road today and I thought to myself that the Acadia would become the new Suburban. Everyone will have one.
not sure that is gonna be a lambda tho... i think it is 'van' that is supposed to take the place of the 3 gm vans that are now on the market but are going bust as of 08. gm had said that chevy will be the sole holder of the only gm van that will be on the market.
Joe-drum said:
yeah, i not a big fan of the look .personally i hope everyone goes for these,the saturns and acadias.
this way there aren't to many buicks on the road lol
rofl joe... i hear ya tho.
I am just glad it doesn't look better than the Enclave. Can't for anything any more. I need my Enclave now!

By the way IMO it is the ugliest of all Lambdas.
Another one?! Wow, first you've got Acadias already being used as fleet/rental cars. Now you've got the Outlook and this and all 3 look very similar to me other than the front grill. Out of those 3, I think the Acadia still looks the best though.

I'm glad we decided on the Buick. The Buick looks completely different than the others.
Coopermine that isn't how it is definitely going to look, just one artist's rendering. Motor Trend did a similar thing with a photoshop like package in their June or July issue last year for a proposed Chevy Lambda and it looked like an Acadia with a bow tie. I agree with the board though, it definitely won't look better than the Enclave.b
Here is a link to the Motor Trend article that I referenced in the previous post:


lol, they called it the Chevy Outlook.
That doesnt change my opinion >:D
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