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Climate control systems display not illuminate maximum

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My buick enclave 2008 climate control systems display not illuminate maximum. I day, I see almost nothing, the light of the display very weak. In the evening it seems to light up normally. The control works very well and all the interior lighting too. I have the same control as the attached image. Could there be a light bulb behind the screen that could be burnt out or it's just normal to see nothing in day, I bought the car a while ago. Thanks
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Is it possible that you accidentally adjusted the brightness to a lower daytime setting?

Instrument Panel Brightness:
The knob with the lights symbol on it is located next to the exterior lamps control to the left of the steering wheel. Push the knob in all the way until it extends out and then turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise to brighten or dim the lights. Push the knob back in when finished.
I believe there is a light sensor centered on top of the dash. If that is malfunctioning it could cause the problem you are having. Maybe someone else with more info on that can chime in here.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts