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Just noticed it will not upload my video after typing this entire novel! Will check FAQ to figure out how to share it. Post probably useless without video!!

2011 CXL
82K miles
August 28th — I just had another episode of the stability track control off service message with the warning icon. Car would not start. Battery was fine. It was replaced in May.

Had the car towed in to an independent mechanic. I used this shop for the first time in June after being completely disrespected at my local Buick dealership on an over 5K service bill. That’s another story though. For those of you who remember my older post, let’s just say those oil spots were finally identified on that trip. It didn’t have anything to do with sloppy oil changes.

Back to our current problem...

Reported dead car being towed in and reported horrible noise (grinding, growling, vibration on frame, Diesel engine noise??) on first start that Buick dealer could not duplicate. I thought it was perhaps the starter, but I not done much research yet.

Independent shop thought it was the starter too. Took it out sent it for testing came back ok apparently. Put old starter back in car. Electric tech replaced electronic control module (ECM).

Picked it up yesterday.. 12 days later with no rental. Went back to work for 2 hours maybe. Really hot summer day. Cranked the car, the horrible noise clear as day. It does not last long though. Went to store for about 1-2 hours. Cranked the car, the horrible noise again. Picked up the family, went to dinner for 1+ hour outdoor temp probably about 75 degrees, got the cellphone out took the attached video. You have to really listen as video is taken from passenger side. Filled the gas up and went home.

Car did not make noise on first start this morning around 7am. Did the 45 minutes school carline thing. Stopped at the shop before work to tell them we still have a problem. Tech watched video and we tried to start the car several times. Never made noise. Made arrangements to return car at lunch. I would take video again before I would come and share with them.

Hot outside. Cranked, no noise. Brought the car back told them it didn’t do it and left it with them.

Maybe 3 hours later, I got a call. They left it in the sun sitting and tried to start it. No noises. They can’t trace it if they can’t hear it and I guess video isn’t enough. I could come get it or leave it and they will try once again tomorrow. Told them to keep it. I want it resolved.

In the meantime...Things we have tried to piece together.
1. Car had under 1/4th tank of gas on day of death and when picked up yesterday. It was almost full when the Buick dealership could not duplicate previously and completely full today when it would not make the noise.
2. It might not be an outside temperature thing because last night was only 75-ish.

Someone who heard the video said maybe the exhaust manifold is cracked or the donuts are broken at the exhaust pipe? That’s a first for me. Didn’t have time to google.

Sorry so long. What do you guys think?

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It runs perfectly fine otherwise and only makes the noise when cranking?

If so I'd say that test on the starter was a false pass and replace it. Would like to hear it on the video though, but if it's a crank only noise there isn't a lot that can be causing it other than the starter.

I suppose there's also a chance a tooth is broken on the flywheel. To check that someone would need to remove the starter where they can see the flywheel and have someone else slowly turn the motor over by hand using a breaker bar on the main front pulley until the flywheel makes a complete revolution so all the teeth can be inspected. In all my years of driving and doing DIY repairs I've replaced a lot of starters but never had a ring gear on a flywheel fail. It can happen though.
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