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Completely Enjoy my Enclave

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I must admit first off that I am not the most Computer Savy individual. So needless to say that I am not sure if I am at the right place on the Forum?! Anyway, I just bought a Enclave this past weekend. THe exterior is Cocoa and the interior is Cashmere leather. I have many added features that I love. I just wanted to say that over the past 4 day that I have been driving it, there are some pros and cons. Pros: Rides like a dream and easy to handle. Like that fact that I do not have to step up or down into the car, fits my size 5'3. All added or neat tools or accessories in the car are easily accessible and not hard to learn. etc.......... Cons: you might want to keep the head rest of the back third row seat down for visibility. I have never had a issue with that before, but I do on this car. As you can see...so far I am very satisfied with the car in the short time that I have had the car. I have had to take it into the shop yesterday though. THe engine light had come on over the weekend. It ended up being a loose wire that connects with the Oxygen Censor located at the front of the car, not the back one. I was glad to hear it was a minor fix, and I feel that this was just a isolated incident with my car alone. Other than that, I have been recieving tons of compliments and looks of "what kind of car is that!" I have enjoyed showing this car to others. IT is definitely luxury. I was looking at Enclave, Acadia, and the Cadillac SRX. Cadillac drives like a dream but there was NO room in comparison to the Enclave and Acadia. It was a toss up for the Enclave and Acadia. Should I shoot for something more sporty or more luxury. I chose Luxury. BUT these two cars where the only that I saw met my standards of a SUV. I hope this has helped! I am a very HAPPY CUSTOMER! :thumb:
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Allse02 welcome and congratulations on your purchase, and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

I was hung between Acadia and Enclave as well, but last weekend we went for a second look and decided that Enclave is way to go, it has more appeal and better looks (except for the front). We have not test driven it yet, hopefully I will schedule a test drive in next couple of days.

I wish they had the Black color available now. :sosad:
hey could you post some pics, but its not like we havent see a coaco w/ cashmere yet!! ha
Hi Allse02, welcome aboard. To all that wanted to see pictures of Allse02's Enclave, I posted a couple of them on my gallery.......Cocoa with Cashmere interior. I'm only assuming it's the same vehicle. If not, I apologize.:blob:
Gmoney_2010 said:
hey could you post some pics, but its not like we havent see a coaco w/ cashmere yet!! ha
Congrats Allse02 and welcome to enclaveforum.net! You did post to the correct board, but even if you hadn't it's no big deal. If it's off topics enough to belong somewhere else, we'll get it moved, no need to worry about it. We look forward to hearing more about your Enclave! Owners are still a very rare commodity online right now!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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