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Conquest Rebate

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How many of you have gotten the conquest along with supplier pricing? My dealer acted like if we couldn't get it that he would split the "kickback" he got from GM with us. It is a White Diamond AWD with everything, a little more than we need but these things are hard to find where I live, so we might go ahead and pull the trigger on it. MSRP is around $46k so it's not missing any options that I can notice. Any thoughts?
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As I understand it, the Conquest rebate ($1,000) is for GM buyers who own a non-GM car. It doesn't have to be a trade in, just non-GM. It's an incentive to attract more buyers to GM. The catch for prospective Enclave owners is the timeline. The Conquest rebate is awarded when the buyer takes delivery of the GM car, not when the order is made. At issue now is that the present Conquest rebate expires in early July (7th I think), so many of us probably won't take possession of our Enclaves before then. On a brighter note, rumors are heavy that Buick will anounce another Conquest program when the current one expires. My suggestion is to check with your sales person.
I believe they are correct when they state that you can not combine Conquest with Supplier Pricing.
The conquest rebate is *not* applicable for supplier or employer pricing. HOWEVER...this seems to be driven by the dealership as they can 'look past' this and put it through. Someone on the board posted earlier that this was the case for them, yet I wasn't able to get this for myself...
Why not get the discount if you are switching to GM. Is that not the point? Does it not come out of the GM pocket and is part of marketing?
My local dealer said that GM gives them back some money for selling at supplier prices and that he would run the numbers and give me part of that money off. The problem I'm having with supplier pricing is that it's not really that great a deal if you compare it to prices I have negotiated on other vehicles I have purchased. It's probably as good as we're going to get though on these vehicles and no negotiating.
I've also been told by several dealers that GM has lowered the MSRP on their vehicles to make it easier for dealers to move them, less negotiating etc. Sounds like a sales pitch but it could be true ;) ;) ;)
I wonder if they would accept a copy of my father's title...he drives a Toyota. How close to the dealerships look at the copy of the title.
We used the GM loyalty rebate in 2003 when we bought our Envoy. We had a title to my father-in-law's 1991 Camaro. He had passed away and we hadn't transferred the title into my husband's name yet. My husband is named after my FIL so the only name difference is the suffix - III and IV. The dealer looked very closely at the registration and the address on the title but they finally agreed to give us the rebate.
I sent this question to GM Supplier customer service, they replied back saying you should contact your dealer he will let you know whether you can combine the two or not :angryfire: (If I had to take his words why would I have wasted my time in asking you jack!)

Bottom line is, it really depends on the dealer, I was talking to one a few weeks ago, he didnt have any problem combining the two, but again, he probably knew that there is no way I am going to get the car by the time Conquest expires.

The dealer I am currently working with said no to combining them.

I guess, discounts or not if they really want to sell they will beat all the discounted prices and sell you for even less.

The problem is that most of us are looking for the loaded ones, i.e, CXL and with little extra, they know you wann get them on any terms. When I do local inventory searches I see same base CXs with nothing extra sitting on the lots for weeks.
coop, i saw samething w/outlooks and acadias... just sitting on lots they were missing most of the options such as sunroof, navs and even had those dreaded 2nd row bench seats...
That's why we will probably just go for it as soon as my dealer gets this one, I don't want to wait and/or spend time trying to find one that doesn't have nav./awd. In the long run, if you can afford the payments on a loaded one, you should get it back in return when you trade down the road.
Hello all, my dealer told my wife today that we needed a coupon to get the conquest. He acted like we would get it along with supplier pricing if we had the coupon, any thoughts. Did finally get the invoice, event code 4200, should be here July 5th. MSRP = 46210.00 Supplier = 42913.26. I think we're going to get it regardless, but it would be great if we get another $1000 off. Is their a number we can call? I don't trust car dealers and I can't seem to find any "official" info on the net about qualifying for this rebate.
conquest doesnt require a coupon all you need is proof that you own a non gm vehicle and you dont have to trade vehicle in either. (car registration)
We qualify for the rebate but don't know "for sure" if we can get it along with supplier and now this mailer coupon deal. I'm going to keep digging until I find out for sure. You would think this salesman would know what he's talking about, but then again. ;)
read our thread on "never trust a salesman"
Does anyone know if the conquest rebate will be extended beyond July 9th? One can not get this rebate until the car is purchased.
Well not sure about that either. When I signed the contract last week, the dealer told me he can give me the conquest even after it expires. He is still locating the vehicle!!! I guess by offering all of these extras, i.e, supplier, conquest even after expiration, he is keeping me hanging, meanwhile he may be finding and selling Enclaves to those who are willing to pay top $$s. I am hanging till I can ;D I will probably order one soon, if I can't what I am looking for.

We have already changed our exterior color preferences so many times, I don't want to do it any more.
coldtex said:
We qualify for the rebate but don't know "for sure" if we can get it along with supplier and now this mailer coupon deal. I'm going to keep digging until I find out for sure. You would think this salesman would know what he's talking about, but then again. ;)
Beware. GM regularly audits dealers to make sure they are giving rebates when they are supposed to and NOT giving rebates when they are NOT supposed to. When I picked up my Enclave this evening, the dealer's accountant told me there was no way they could give me "Conquest" rebate since I specifically ordered with a supplier discount. I even had to sign a paper that there were no current rebates that I was eligible for.
Is there any news from GM to continue the $1000 conquest rebate beyond the July 9th deadline?
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