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Consumer Reports Loves the Saturn Outlook

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I received my Consumer Reports magazine in the mail yesterday. Consumer Reports did an in-depth test of the Saturn Outlook (as well as many other SUVs/CUVs). They were extremely positive of the Outlook. I believe it came in 2nd place to the Toyota Highlander hybrid.

The only thing I found strange was that they only averaged 16mpg with combined city/highway driving. That seems way low compared to what most are reporting on these three web sites.

Next time you are at the grocery store or bookstore, you might want to take a quick glance over of the article...it's a good read.
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Did it make it to their Quick Pick list?
I don't believe it did...only because it was a new vehicle and there was no reliability data with it just yet.
It is funny, they add a new Toyota without worrying about its reliability.
I always thought Consumer Reports was biased, which is why I never read it.
I don't think CR is biased. GM products have proven over the past 30 years that they are crap. GM is finally getting their heads out their :bootyshake: and are beginning to make some industry leading cars.
They were gushing over the Outlook, just like every other review I have read about any of the Lambdas. If CR gushes over a GM, it has to be awesome. They really ripped the Ford Edge. You are correct that they don't recommend it because they can't predict its reliability.

As for the Toyotas, they have earned the right to be recommended right out of the gate.
Here's a link from the Detroit Free Press on the Consumer Reports article about the Saturn Outlook.

A family from our church bought the Outlook XR model. They love it but are now waiting to see what our Enclave looks like. I'm sure they'll be jealous for not waiting!!!! :p
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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