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I just stole this thread from our good buddy gbshuler over on the Acadia forum. Some good news (keeping fingers crossed for more good news by Friday)

Here's how close we came to delays in delivery of new Acadias, Enclaves, and Outlooks..

Contract talks over the weekend helped avert a strike that was to have begun today at Bridgewater Interiors in Delta Township. It wasn't clear what the sticking points have been.

Hourly workers at the auto parts factory voted in the United Auto Workers about a year ago, and the union and management have been trying to draft a first contract since May.

UAW Region 1C Director Duane Zuckschwerdt said a strike would have started today if progress in the talks hadn't resumed.

Company officials couldn't be reached for comment.

Bridgewater is a joint venture between Milwaukee-based Johnson Controls Inc. and minority-owned Epsilon LLC. It makes seats and interiors, including those for crossover vehicles made at General Motors Corp.'s Lansing Delta Township plant.

Zuckschwerdt said it wasn't unusual for first contract talks to take this long, but the lack of progress made the union consider striking.

A walkout could have disrupted production at the Lansing Delta Township assembly plant, which makes the Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook. However, GM spokeswoman Heidi Magyar said she hadn't heard anything about a strike. GM is also in the midst of contract negotiations with the UAW. Several workers at the plant declined to speak on the record about the negotiations or averted strike.

When the company applied for tax breaks in 2005 when it announced it would come to Delta Township, it predicted 523 people would be employed at the plant. But more recently, the company said there were 650 workers. Bridgewater recently announced it would add 200 people to the payroll. The new jobs were needed because of the demands of a new third shift at the GM factory.

Contact Barbara Wieland at 267-1348 or [email protected].


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Thank you for posting this. I saw the story yesterday, but being a non-expert, I did not know how to link it.

The local news is reporting:

GM has been appointed the lead company for negotiations with the UAW; should a strike occur, GM would be the company to walk. Analysts believe it is highly unlikely due to the economic situation in Detroit and the fact that the auto companies are working so hard to recover. This area cannot afford a strike as this would absolutely devastate the entire State of Michigan and impair the possibility for American car companies to make a comeback with consumers. There's a little more than seat suppliers to worry about today!

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