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Don or someone else on LDT team, please answer the below questions that have been posed before on this board but not answered. Just a couple of my concerns as we wait for our Enclave to be built. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

1) Is there any explanation for why the rubber track cover with slit down the middle (as shown in the attached Outlook marketing photo) is being left out of production models of all lambdas? Was it EVER included in earlier production models of the Outlook or Acadia and thus could we order as a replacement part? I am really concerned about trash/small toys, etc getting in these tracks. I am also concerned with my kids little fingers playing in these tracks and getting the grease that is in them everywhere.

2) Ditto question regarding the "mesh netting" pockets on the back of the front seats. I know these were in early production Outlooks and Acadias as I have seen them on rental Outlooks I have driven and at Saturn and GMC dealerships, but have never seen the mesh net pockets on any Enclaves (even though it appears in Enclave marketing photos as well). I wonder if these could be purchased as a replacement part item and installed on our seats.


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