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was driving back home tonight looking at my Odometer at 197787, and as I was approaching I87 from I787 in Albany .Coincidence? My airbag light came on, then the tire pressure monitor light was flashing. Then the message on the display said service airbag and service tire pressure monitor system. Then the radio went out and all dash displays and lights went out.
I turned the headlights off and on a few times, they work. Then after a minute, the instrument panel came back to life, brighter than it ever was, I couldn't dim it. The airbag indicator was on, as well as the security and engine temperature. No gauges worked. The messages showed tire pressure ----, Average fuel economy --- ,trip odometer 302.5, odometer 197,787 for the whole trip of 120 miles. The turn signals worked but no indication or sound. Cruise control worked but no indication on dash. Fog lamps worked but no indication on dash. Heated seats had no indication on the switch that they were on.
I dared not turn the engine off fearing that it wouldn't start up again. I just refueled so I was OK to make it home.
It was quite a long trip with no music or football game.

I made it home, odometer still at 197,787. I turned it off and tried to start. The first try it started and stopped. The second try it didn't crank as if it was a dead battery. all lights worked. so it shouldn't be battery.
I let it sit an hour and it started right up , instrument panel went through self test just fine and gauges work. No airbag, temp or security indicators are on.
Hi , sorry I just quoted someone else’s problem because it was identical to mine, other than the moving the seat part, and mileage and where they were driving etc .. too much to type . Anyway, has anyone found a different solution than the air bag plug under the seat? Mine appear fine on a 2014 enclave
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