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I finally met my "Brown Beauty" today! ;D Dealer stuck to what we agreed on for price back in November.

I paid $300 over invoice and got the $500 Conquest Cash on trade in. Traded my SO's Mazda Tribute ( hated it! )with 165000 miles.......he gets my

2002 Buick Century. The only difference was a $300 Advertising fee, I know some folks were mentioning fees up to $700. The MSRP on the sticker

was $500 more now, so I am very happy with this dealer. Young salesman spent 1 hour with me today going over all the features, and when I

take delivery Mon ( Registry MV closed today) , said he will take as long as I need to feel comfortable with all the features on this great vehicle.

Has already set up compass, Nav, full tank gas. Thanks to all on this site for great info and tips :-*......I knew the right ques to ask .

Long wait but very worth it. :cheers:
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