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IDEA! How about when you have a Dealer of Choice to post, take a moment to enter it in this Regional thread also. That way, If we find ourselves in one of those locations, we will have some out of our town help if/when needed. ;D

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Re: Dealer of Choice

Okay, I know bsox is going to pick on me here, but the very best dealership in this area is Weld County Garage in Greeley, Colorado. Good, honest and fair dealership and service department. Certainly worth checking out if you are in this area. :angel: [/color]

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Re: Dealer of Choice

If you are ever in the beautiful NE part of Oklahoma, I would recommend you stop by Marc Miller Buick, Ponitac & GMC. They are located at 4700 South Memorial in Tulsa. Their telephone number is 918-663-4700 or 1-800-636-4006. Their web site is www.millerpontiac.com.
My favorite sales rep is Peter Vuzzo, no pressure, excellent product knowledge and very anxious to be of service.
As an example their customer service manager gave my wife & I a briefing and assistance session of over an hour. He then assured us if we had any problems or questions to call on him anytime.
By the way, in addition, they gave me a tank of gas & customer service coupons, a tour of the service area, introduiction to a service advisor and reduced price on accessories.
One of my best experiences and I have dealt with many dealers.

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Classic of Carrollton is great if you are in DFW.

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I have been very pleased with the quality of service provided by the Covert dealerships in Austin, TX. Hutto, TX? Not so much...

To make a long story short, I took my F-150 in for a standard 45,000 mile service. Knowing the games service writers like to play, I printed out a list of the items to be covered at a 45K service and studied it carefully before going to the dealer. When I get there, I'm escorted by the service writer to his office, sit down, and tell him I want a 45K service.

Him: OK. You want (covers the list of things that are supposed to be covered. Then it starts...)

H: Air filter...

Me: No. That's not part of the 45K service.

H: Ford recommends replacing it every 15K.

M: No, they don't.

H: (getting testy) YES, they DO.

M: (getting testy myself) Where do they recommend that?

H: In the manual, online...

M: No, they don't. Show me.

So he goes through this time consuming exercise of pulling up the website (from which I had printed the list of things to be covered), all the while trying to convince me I'm wrong. He finally gets to the right page.

M: "See? That's a 30K item, not a 15K."

H: So you want a fuel filter...

M: No! That's not a 15K item either.

H: "You want the cooling system flushed..."

M: "Stop. No, I don't. That's not part of the 45K service. Besides, I have the 5 year/100,000 mile coolant."

H: No you don't. Not in that truck.

M: Y E S, I D O. F O L L O W M E A N D I ' L L S H O W Y O U.

We go to the truck, pop the hood, he looks in the coolant tank.

H: Oh, you have the 100,000 mile coolant.


30 minutes later

H: Here's a list of things the tech says your vehicle needs.

He hands me the list. "Fuel filter, air filter, cabin air filter..." I just quit reading at that point.

M: I don't want any of that $#!+. I don't trust you clowns. Just put it back together and let me get the **** out of here.

He spins around and disappears. My truck shows up about ten minutes later.

H: Here's your bill. Y'know, if you don't trust us, maybe you shouldn't bring your truck back here for service.

M: ::) Oh, don't worry about that. By the way, you do know it's against the law in Texas to tell customers that the manufacturer recommends something when that's not true, right?

H: :eek: (mute)

M: You want to know why I said I don't trust you clowns?

H: :eyebrow: (glares but says nothing)

M: This truck doesn't have a cabin air filter.


M: See ya'.

I was informed shortly thereafter that that service writer was no longer an employee. I told the dealer that was good to hear, but that his service department had seen my truck for the last time.

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