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I have noticed some differences and thought I would make a list.

Price (at March 31, 2009)
CXL is $12,765 more in Canada before incentives
CX is $7,735 more in Canada before incentives
AWD is $1,000 more in Canada
Freight is $525 more in Canada
Incentives off MSRP $5,500 in Canada and $2,250 in US

Cdn CXL includes US Luxury package (with the exception of articulating headlights)
Cdn CXL can buy articulating headlights as a standalone option
Cdn CXL includes US Driver Convenience package
Cdn CXL includes US entertainment 1 with BOSE
Cdn CXL 19" chrome rims are $840 LESS than US ($655 Cdn option vs $1495 US option)
Cdn CX can be ordered with leather as an option for $1,750
Cdn CX has heated cloth seats (probably why it can be ordered with leather due to the wiring harness being in place)
Cdn entertainment options are CD/DVD, CD/Nav, CD/DVD/Nav and US is Entertainment 2, 3, 4
Cdn 8 passanger is a straight exchange option from 7 passanger in 2009 but in the US 8 passanger has a reduction in price
The other options are the same but priced slightly higher in Canada (exchange rate difference?)

Cdn gauges are in metric and symbols
The Cdn models DTR lights can not be turned off - I think the US ones can based on discussion
The prices we pay for OnStar are more than US (based on exchange rate difference)
The prices we pay ($165/yr) for XM are more than US (based on exchange rate difference)

There may be other differences - If you know of any post them up

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You have covered pretty much as far as pricing and option configs goes. I believe there was an $850 price reduction for 8-pass option when I ordered back in November which has been removed since. Since you have an 8-pass version you probably would be aware if it was still available in January.

I think for a change we are now getting deals that are equal to our American friends after factoring in exchange rate. Wonder how long that will last with the sinking loonie.
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