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But that Tcm keeps whining
Are the ABS/Traction control lights on? Does your speedometer read accurate?

Is the fluid level good? It's next to impossible to read the transmission dipstick, almost drove me nuts. At night, with a flashlight and a paper towel is my best advice. Drive it for at least 5 minutes first. Over/under-filled will both cause the whining noise.

If no ABS/TC and the fluid level is OK, well, the whine is coming from a solenoid. There are possible causes you can check. Debris, electrical short, valve body valve sticking, pressure switches, even disconnecting the TCM connector with the red latch and resetting might work. The GM tech II tool also has an option to make the transmission solenoids preform a self-cleaning procedure. I made buddies with a guy on kijiji who rents his Tech II for $50/hr lol.

Replacing one solenoid is not an option tho. Despite what I read, I wanted to try with a module I replaced. 2 hrs, a heat gun and a saw later, I finally pulled one out from a puddle of cut up, melted plastic...
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