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OMG I haven't had an IRS scam phone call since, oh at least last fall.

Just received one and I thought...oh what the ****, let's have some fun.

I didn't answer, instead I called them back. A guy answered and I asked "how much do I owe"...then they hung up.

So I called again, hang up. And again, hang up. I did this several times and then some little twit answered.

I don't know what he was "smoking" but I asked again how much do I owe. He said something and I couldn't understand him, so I asked him to repeat it. I had to ask at least 3 more times and I finally said "I cannot understand you is there someone else who speaks English"....then he decided he would be cute. He said can you understand this...and he spelled, I swear he did, P-U-S-S-Y.

I said, will you spell that again, just for the **** of it. AND he did. So I then said...okay then do you know what "DICKHEAD means?"

LMFAO...he hung up.

So I thought, I am just going to piss him off so I called and called and called and called, at least 10 more times...then I called from my cell phone at least 10 times.

I just love pissing off pricks like him

Oh and if you want to have some fun...the number is this, oh and just tell him "Mrs *****" told you to call.

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This isn't about one of those pesky door knockers. Instead it is about a credit card scam.

Just received a call from American Airlines at 8AM.

It appears that someone was purchasing 2 tickets for 2 people, Miami to Seattle, using MY credit card.

Julie, with American Airlines, called and asked me if I was purchasing these tickets. She had our address and she asked me to confirm the last 4 numbers of the card. I did and SOB.....

HECK NO is what I told her. She put a stop to the charges and ensuring that a refund will be issued. Wheww!!!!

I just checked and, sure enough, there were 2 charges pending on our USAA Visa account, under my name.

I have no idea when I used the card last. But, as a precaution I have gone into the online companies I have used, still a couple more to sort through, and taking the credit card information off. I normally do not save the credit card info in any company. I do for QVC though.

I let my husband know that we need to have USAA issue new credit cards. Usually it is USAA which calls for suspicious activity. American Airlines called because I DO NOT purchase airline tickets through them. He does all the time. Our credit card number is the same on his and my card.

It's been nearly a year since USAA contacted us about fraudulent use of "his" credit card. Have never had mine compromised.

Cash or Discover Card....until the new replacement cards are received.

Now to search the news to see if any companies have reported their records being compromised....

What a pain in the ass....and to think, I had plans on getting out of this house today.

There are only 4 companies I have had the card saved on. All card information has been removed. Sighhh....even the drop shipments of wine from Martha Stewart wines....

I also contacted Martha Stewart wines because, I just received a shipment from them Monday. It was shipped out last Thursday. Therefore, this is probably where the information was compromised. They said they haven't had any other complaints. I said, probably because they are just now doing this today. So my card has been removed from their website and, sighhhh, no more automatic drop shipments.

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some years ago----A person tried to buy Insurance with my info, but they also bought $20,000 worth of printer, memory, laptops with my CC.
When I saw charges racking up- I called several of the companies and canceled orders. Though 1 place managed to ship out an order.
they gave me the address it was being shipped to.
It was the city next door- literally 5 miles away- I went to that Police dept and filed a report.
By the time they got a search warrant or whatever they needed- the items had been delivered.
The address was a small office they rented.
They signed the delivery with my name.
The computer store company gave me the telephone # they used.
...then Kaiser Permanente called my work # and asked if I had received the application... I said application for what?
They said health insurance.... I said- Im already a member, why would I need an application..... and how did you get my work #?
I then told them about my situation.. and I asked-- did they leave any information?
Yes-- a telephone #.....
the Number was the same as the number used for the purchase and delivery of stuff.

more recently--- after the Home Depot/Target hacks....

I received an email from my CC.
To verify I was trying to purchase a $5000 purse/bag from a Louis Vuiton (or one of those fancy brands) store in a Las Vegas Hotel Lobby....
I called CC company-- and they asked- are you in the process of....
I said no.. im in my living room.....

another time-- some person with a Russian name-- checked into a hotel in San Francisco using my CC #.

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My husband travels all the time on business. He has had his card number used several times by others. Last time I remember his being fraudulently used was when he was in Vegas and USAA called to inquire about a purchase being made in Chicago.

I chuckled and said, well kind of hard to use the card at a restaurant in Chicago when he is in Las Vegas.

I told them to block the purchase and my husband would call them back.

Instead, they put a hold on his card and mine. Leaving him in the lurch when he was in the air flying back home. He couldn't get out of the parking lot at the airport, until he remembered to pull out the Discover Card, which I had acquired several year ago. He is the secondary on that card.

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This was rolling around in both of our minds while out to dinner Friday night.

Thing was that American Airlines call at 7:30am. My credit card number was being used to purchase 2 tickets from Miami to Seattle.

What surprised both my husband and I was having American Airlines catch it before USAA did.

WTH, so my husband called USAA, even they were questioning that. PLUS, they had my address AND phone number. How did they get that?

From the one ordering the tickets??

What set off the alarms at American Airlines which created their call to me?

Could it be that I have never purchased tickets from American Airlines???

Still a lot of questions.

Plus, there is this nagging thought the back of my mind.

There was that one time Dayton CARE had to copy my credit card as their system was down. But, that was at least 3 months ago.

Yet then, did they kept a copy of the card in their files?

Could it have been compromised there?

Not accusing, just thinking.

Thing is when I was there Thursday with Jake, there were 2 individuals manning the desk, up here from their location in Cincinnati for all week. They were vacation fill in's.

Just thinking.....but.....

My mine tends to wonder...what if????

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The Internet is a double edged sword; sometimes it is very helpful, sometimes is detrimental. Sometimes I wonder if I was better off before it began.???

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New Visa card is due to arrive this week.

I would love to find out what the idiots thought when they were "denied" use of my card later.

Oh well....

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Darn it!!! Read over the weekend that Applebee's credit card information was hacked. It was from the period of December 6th through the middle of January.

Of course we would have been at Applebee's on December 11th. AND of course I used my credit card to buy dinner.

I told my husband that we needed to keep a watchful eye on credit card purchases, using my card.

Then again, here's hoping that USAA is on top of this too.

I am beginning to think that cash is the way to go. Honestly lately, I have carried enough cash when we go out to dinner to pay instead of using our credit cards.

My husband still needs his for when he travels. At least his card and mine, do not have the same number. Therefore, when one is stopped, the other one still has one to use.

Thieves and scammers...if it's not one thing, it's another.
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