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So I just Purchased a 09 enclave AWD and the wife loves it so far. Now after working through a few small problems with it I have come across something that I cant figure out.

Turn on headlights and the Passenger side works fine, Low and high beams work as it should. Now the drivers side is a different question, When that light comes on its really bright (brighter than the high beam on drivers side) and It will not switch from low to high beams. Ive replaced the bulb ($95) and I replaced the ballast and there is no change. I checked all the fuses and there all good.

There as a very noticeable difference is the way they look when just sitting, I mean the drivers side is really really bright to the point that it looks like its melting the lens while the passenger side is again normal. Can someone help me resolve this before I keep throwing money at it. Do I need to just get an entire headlight assembly or is there something else I need to be looking at?

thanks and god bless
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