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dvd system ?

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ok what we want to get right now is just the nav, but i have a question about the dvd.
i read someware on the acadia site that you can make burn music on to dvds insted of cds and get the music in 5.1, well i never tried it in the acadia before i sold it. so i tried it in my yukon xl's dvd and it said incorect format, then i tried it in my old dvd player and it didn't work, so i rush out to best buy and get a brand new hd dvd player (for the new movie 300 the most) but to see if i could get it to play and i just cant find a way to get it to play on anything. it only plays on a computer, so can it be played on the enclave with a dvd or am i going to spend an extra 1300 to get somthing i will never use, other than to play music dvd's if they work. i want to do this for 2 reasons 1. more space and more song room 2. possibality to play in 5.1 and still be able to use nav.

so i guess my main question is can i burn a dvd-r disc and be able to play it in 5.1 surround in a dvd equipped enclave, if not i will stick to #3 but if i can i may bump it to #4.
also if i just get nav is there only one slot or are there still two so i can listen to a cd while using the nav.

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5.1 is a format has to be encode. Normal copying of CD do not make it 5.1. Unless the player you are using has a chip or software to do the conversion. There might be some software that can convert CD's to 5.1 during copying not sure. Google is your friend.
DVD-Audio is the music format you are looking for. There is no simple (or even correct) way to convert your CD collection to DVD-Audio format... burning them to DVD certainly won't do it. That's the same source file on a different media.

What the Enclave DVD can do:
- play standard DVD movies
- play standard CD music
- play DVD-Audio discs (5.1 music format)

What the Enclave DVD can NOT do (if I recall correctly):
- play SACD music discs
- play HD-DVD or Blu-Ray movies
- do magic and make CD music (or XM, or mp3, etc.) somehow discrete multichannel music - it has to be recorded that way from the start
were do i get music dvds
i guess i miss read. i thought it was burned dvds, but do you buy them at a music store or can i buy blank ones and burn them.
my computer has a widescreen and not sure if its 5.1 but i can burn in a surround sound decoder. it isnt true surround, but it does somthing called up convert to a surround sound disc. but it only words on dvd-r and dvd+r.
You should be able to find DVD-A discs at a large retailer like Best Buy. To be honest, the format never really caught on with the masses (nor did Sony's competing SACD) and the discs can be hard to find at smaller music stores and mall shops. I'm sure there are plenty of places on-line where you could view every album offered in DVD-A format and order that way if you wished.

I doubt you could burn a disc to the DVD-A format. It uses an encoding/compression scheme that most PC software wouldn't have reason to support, and it uses disc mapping/error correction/blocking different from that of a regular CD or movie DVD. It's possible, but I wouldn't bet on it... I think that is really only supported on higher end software like Cubase or SoundForge. What many PC's can do is encode a song in dolby prologic, which can be contained in a normal stereo track, and is decoded by the player on playback. That's really only useful if you have a multichannel surround source (like a movie sound track from a DVD) that you want to put on CD and maintain some of the surround features of the original track.
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