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Enclave safety ratings

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The Insurance institute of safety gives the new 2008 Ford Taurus X a superior safety rating in a rear end collision due to its adjustable headrests. They did not even rate the Enclave because it has non adjustable headreasts which implies the Enclave is not safe in rear collisions. The Tauraus X gets excellent safety ratings in all other safety catagories as does the Enclave. Whiplash injuries could be extremely severe and frequent in the Enclave. Does this concern anyone? The Enclave has a back up camera and adaptive HID headlights. Taurus X does not, but the headrests concern me to the point I am considering a Taurus X now.
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My Enclave has adjustable headrests in the front seats and my kids aren't tall enough for it to be a concern in the back seats. If I survive any wreck with just whiplash I will be happy. The Enclave is full of airbags and has shoulder harnesses in every seat, I guess that was enough for me.
I don't go through life trying to counter act every little thing that COULD happen in my life. Like ... "What if I get hit by a semi-truck and my car gets pushed over an overpass then explodes? What car will keep me the safest in this situation?". ha! Extreme example, I know. The Enclave has a five star rating and that's good enough for me.
nice to know the ford taurus x (rebadged ford 500 which was a rebadged ford taurus) has adjustable headrests. it still doesn't matter cause you can only get 5 folks in it.
The Insurance institute of safety gives the new 2008 Ford Taurus X a superior safety rating in a rear end collision due to its adjustable headrests.
I think the new hip safety term is "active head restraints". All cars have "adjustable" head restraints in that they can move up or down. From what I understand, active head restraints can move forward during a rear end collision to help protect your head from "flopping backward" during a rear end collision which leads to the whiplash. The new 2008 Saturn Vue has them. I really don't consider this a MAJOR safety omission in a vehicle, but it seems to be the next "popular" safety feature because the insurance industry is pushing it. However, I sincerely doubt that it will reduce the number of "ambulance chaser" lawyers from filing lawsuits over whiplash after a rear-end collision. I have been rear-ended by someone going 30+ mph when I was going about 10 mph in a car without active head restraints and have to say that the "whiplash" I suffered wasn't nearly as bad as the whiplash I receive from riding looping roller coasters. This issue really is not a big deal to me in purchasing a vehicle. I just want to know that I have ABS, traction and stability control and as many air bags as possible.

On another subject of safety, has anyone ever thought of the safety factor of having a glass sunroof over your head instead of steel? What does the insurance institute have to say about sunroofs?
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I think you need to read the safety stats and information on "active" head rests before you dismiss them.

They active head restraints DO work I am sure and the Enclave will have them soon enough. I am not completely dismissing them, but am not going to let that keep me from buying the Enclave when it is such a new technology that only a few vehicles have as of today. In 2 years, I am sure there will be something even more advanced available. That is the problem with buying ANYTHING at a certain point and time. There will ALWAYS be some improvement the next year that you didn't get by buying now. You can always wait until 2009-10 when the Enclave will have to have them to meet the new regulations.
OK it has been 18+ months later and are we any closer to active head rests?
I don't know about the active head restraints or not, but I do know that it was an IIHS top safety pick.
The E doesn't and probably won't have "active" head restraints-that's why they are shaped like they are.
Read here: http://www.iihs.org/ratings/head_restraints/head_restraint_info.html
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