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What options would you like to have seen on the Enclave? Two vote's.

  • Rain Sense Wipers

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  • Bluetooth

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  • Cooled Front Seats

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  • Heated Second Row Seats

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Different Exterior Color

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  • HUD

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  • Other

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Enclave's Most Wanted Missing Options!

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What options would you have liked the Enclave to have?
If there are any more that i did not list-please post and i will add it to the list!!

The two i would like to have seen were rain sense wipers and heated second row seats.
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The lack of the HUD and cooled seats may make me hold on to my cash. I want to get eother this or an Acadia, but I want both cooled seats and HUD. I can always do aftermarket seats (did it once), but the lack of both really burns me.

i may shop elsewhere now......Hmmmmmm. :'(
I added it for you. And you have selected it. I had forgot about the HUD> :eek:
Need those cooled front seats!! My guess is they will become available with a CXS version (like the Lucerne) sometime in the future. I have been waiting for the Enclave for so long that I think I will not wait for the possibility of cooled seats - just sweat on the really hot days.
Same here! But we have been without them on the leather seats in our suburban for 6 years so i think we will be fine.
This needs to be offered in Black or my wife won't want it. Other than that, home run!
I would also like to have push button start but that is def. not a must, but it is really cool to use!!
I would love to see cooled seats, keyless/pushbutton start, HUD and Bluetooth.

I have the Intelligent Key on my Murano and it is really nice just being able to tap a button on the outside of the vehicle to lock and unlock instead of having to dig your hands into your pockets to retrieve the fob, especially when your arms are busy carrying your kid.

The cooled seats would be the only option that I would be willing to perhaps wait a bit for. The rest I can take or leave.
Since the Acadia has remote start, I'm assuming the Enclave will have this option too. It's at least pat of your keyless/pushbutton start wishlist ;)
The Enclave does have remote start as part of the CXL's Driver Confidence Package. But I would also like to see the keyless RF type transmitter that will allow for just a touch of a button on the outside of the vehicle to unlock the doors.

It is a cool feature, and certainly not a dealbreaker if it didn't have it.

Curiously, in addition to the Enclave I was cross-shopping the Mazda CX-9. It has lots of cool gadgetry features like rain sensing wipers, bluetooth, keyless start and a backup camera (like the Enclave has). However, and unbelievably, the GT model lacks memory for the mirrors, even though it has it for the driver seat. My wife and I have very different mirror settings and it totally defeats the purpose of memory seats if I have to reset the mirrors every time. In fact, it is downright dangerous. I always set my mirrors up so that I have no blind spots, and that takes a certain degree of time and effort. Having to do that every time is a deal breaker.

Second, there is no trip computer. My cars for the last 10 years have had a trip computer and it is a feature I have grown very accustomed to.

Why does Mazda fill the CX-9 with nice tech items like keyless start, rain sensing wipers, Bluetooth and a rear camera, yet they leave out these two very common features?

Of course they are items I can live without, but if I am paying nearly $40K for a vehicle, I expect certain features and amenities, and if I can't get them, there is no reason to spend that kind of money, especially when competitors offer them.

I wish the Buick Enclave had the keyless start, Bluetooth and rain sensing wipers, but I will gladly give up those features for the two that the CX-9 is missing.
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Because it appears Mazda is going for the whiz-bang aspect instead of really paying attention to the finer details and getting the car right for drivers. That's practically Mazda's mantra...

I view the GM owned OnStar as a direct competitor to bluetooth. Installing bluetooth would almost certainly undermine OnStar subscription sales, so don't look for this feature anytime soon (although someone did point out that a handful of Caddy's have bluetooth)
Dave Reid said:
This needs to be offered in Black or my wife won't want it. Other than that, home run!
Good news it is going there is going to be a Carbon Flash Metallic and it looks blacker than the carbon metallic acadia!!!!
After Acadia's test drive last Saturday, I think a 300 HP with at least 280 lb/ft torque would really help. Especially when Enclave is slightly heavier than the Acadia.
It sucks that there isn't cooled seats and HUD. But I really wanted the console, which wasn't available when I odered in FEB. But I can't wait!

I compared this to everything at the Chicago Auto show and it clearly stands at the top of the list. The MDX is nice but pricey and no dealership close takes it off the list. The new Toyota Highlander was the closest IMO. Nice size with the new 2008 body but wasn't crazy about the styling. Lexus RX is too small. BMW's 3rd seat is a joke, and OMG the $. Audi Q7 is nice sized, probably the closest to the Buick, but can't touch the price.

One thing that really sold me. Was the Buick runs on REG gas.

The Enclave will replace my Wife's van.
The lack of Bluetooth is a real disappointment. I use my cell phone quite a bit and I want to keep that number because so many people (family, friends, and customers) know it. With Toyota, all I have to do is enter the car and my phone would automatically establish a connection with the radio and from then on, I just need the steering wheel controls to make or answer calls. I do not like using a Bluetooth headset because it is another item I need to fumble with and I often forget to recharge it. Laws (and common sense) prevent me from using the phone itself.

I know OnStar has something going on with Verizon as far as a cell phone plan but I won't look into it. Verizon is not offered in my area and since it is Verizon, I am assuming OnStar uses CDMA for the cellular protocol. I do not want a second phone number and I want to stick with GSM/EDGE for data reasons.

Come on guys, please offer Bluetooth technology as an option![/color] :blob: I am looking at aftermarket options right now but I am not keen on pulling the dash apart.
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Parrot makes some AWESOME bluetooth car kits. I have the parrot minikit in my G35 and love it. Check them out at http://www.driveblue.com/
We pull modest to moderate weight trailers frequently. Our last 2 family vehicles, a Chrysler T&C and a Yukon XL Denali, both had self-leveling capability. It's nice to hear that little compressor kick in when you hook on the trailer, bringing the rear end back up to level. I'm not sure how much I'll miss it, but I would have ordered it if it was available.
So interesting how many want cooled seats.

Gmoney...it's "Pedals" not "Petals" ;D

*Active Headrests-Safety
*Rear LED's-Safety
*Bluetooth Choice- Safety/Cost/Choice
*Improve Quality of the Sunshades on the Sun Roofs (roller screen seems low cost) Nice to have
*Up/Down seat for the Passenger- Comfort for the long haul
*Smooth operation of the engine and tranny- Peace of mind (better balance or a little more power like direct injection to get that little more power/troque
*Cool Seats for all you Hot As..... Comfort

It would be nice to know if someone in GM is listening........
GM is listening here. Make no mistake...
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