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Since we have an active 'green' discussion going on I thought there might be some interest in the environmental features of the Enclave. (I found a handout at the dealership):


ORVR Due to the onboard refueling vapor recovery(ORVR) system, over 386,000 gallons of gasoline can be saved over the expected life of one model year of production,eliminating up to 2.4 million pounds of hydrocarbons from the environment.

Plastics: Over 8,200 tons of polymeric parts from one model year of production are now marked for recycling, making recovery of those parts easier at the vehicles’ end-of-life. This initiative greatly increases the potential for landfill avoidance.

Engine Coolant: The extended life engine coolant savesmore than 11 quarts of engine coolant pervehicle over its expected life. This equates to over 530,000 quarts of engine coolant saved per model year and eliminates two service intervals per vehicle required for routine maintenance over its expected life.

Transmission Fluid: The transmission fluid now endures for the life of the vehicle, thus eliminating the service interval required for routine fluid maintenance. Under normal operating conditions, this equates to over 425,000 quarts of transmission fluid saved per model year of production.

OLS: The Oil Life Monitoring System (OLS) cansave over 1.7 million quarts of oil over the expected life of one model year of production of these vehicles.

Emissions: The 2008 Buick Enclave equipped with the 3.6L High Feature V6 (LY7) engine meets California’s Low Emission Vehicle (LEV2) standard and the Federal Bin 5 standard.

Spark Plugs: The addition of iridium tipped spark plugshas extended spark plug life from 50,000 miles to 100,000 miles saving up to 270,000 spark plugs over the life of one model year of production.

RVCA: Regulated Voltage Control (RVC) is incorporated into the design of the Buick Enclave. This unit monitors the battery and charging system in the vehicle and is capable of providing a 0.4mpg fuel economy savings per vehicle. This equates to over 3.34 million gallons of gasoline that can be saved over the life of one model year of production.These features apply only to the 2008 Buick Enclave.

Visit us at:www.gmability.com to learn more about GM’s products,plants and partnerships.
Lansing Delta Township Facility

•Rainwater is collected from the roof by a roof drain system. It is then stored in cisterns above rest rooms and is used instead of potable water to flush toilets.
•Major recycling programs include: plastic,cardboard, metal, used oil, solvents and paper.
•Approximately 90% of purge solvent used forpaint line cleaning of clearcoat paint betweencolor changes, is recovered and ultimatelycleaned for reuse.
•A Logistics Optimization Center is utilized with reusable shipping containers, greatlyreducing packing waste.
•Task lighting and lower overhead lightinglevels reduce lighting energy used in the plantby 20 percent, or three million kwh annuallyover traditional lighting systems.
•No styrofoam materials are used inthe cafeteria.Our People & Community
•The plant supports Earth Force/Global Rivers Environmental Education Network(GREEN), and works with local schools toengage students in learning more about theirlocal river water quality and how to monitorand improve the health of their watersheds.
•Lansing Delta Township has implementedwildlife habitat enhancements on 75 acres ofthe site's property. The initiatives include theprotection/enhancements of wetlands, prairie,and woodlands and the development of trailsto allow the enjoyment of the wildlife area.
•An energy management system tracks, mon-itors and improves energy usage throughoutthe plant, allowing the plant to reduce energyconsumption and associated air impacts.Our Process
•Use of a powder prime paint technology in the primer surfacer process and water-bornepaint technology in the basecoat processreduces volatile organic air pollutants.
•Use of a lead-free dip primer eliminates a hazardous waste stream.
•Special containment systems for chemicalmaterial truck unloading areas have beeninstalled to prevent chemical releases to the environment.
•The site uses no underground tanks or under-ground process piping. All above groundtanks are properly contained to preventpotential leakage to soils and ground water.
•Material reviews are performed prior to use in order to assess the environmental, health,and safety impacts of all chemicals used. This review is an important safeguard in our process.Environmental/Reductions & Recycling
•An innovative carbon adsorption/regenerativethermal oxidizer control system on the topcoat process significantly reduces air emissions.
•Lansing Delta Township has developed partnerships with local schools and organizations to provide ongoing wildlife habitat educational opportunities at thefacility’s wildlife/wetlands area.
•Lansing Delta Township team membersparticipate in the Michigan Department ofTransportation Adopt-a-Highway program in the spring and fall. The Adopt-a-Highwayprogram helps keep the nearby highway roadside clean and attractive.
•Shown left to right in the photo are Bridget Burnell, Environmental Engineer,Brad Norton, Chemical Manager, Randy Thayer, Plant Manager, Karen Carlson,Environmental Engineer, and Keith Wilson,Environmental Manager. The Environmental Engineers’ goal is to protect human health andthe environment in the Lansing community intheir day-to-day activities. Their work includesmonitoring the air emission control equipment,pollution prevention & waste reduction/recyclingactivities, waste management, wastewaterdischarges, and assisting with construction projects to assure that environmental considerations are incorporated into plant and equipment designs.
•The Buick Enclave is built at Lansing Delta Township.
•Lansing Delta Township (both assembly and stamping) consists of six main buildingscovering approximately three million square feet. The stamping facility started productionin early 2003. The assembly facility started production in November 2006.
•Lansing Delta Township received a goldcertification from the U.S. Green BuildingCouncil’s Leadership in Energy andEnvironmental Design (LEED) program. The building is the only automotive manufacturingsite–as well as the largest facility and themost complex manufacturing site–to everreceive any level of LEED certification.
•Lansing Delta Township has achieved ISO 14001 Environmental ManagementSystem (EMS) certification.
•Lansing Delta Township has received the Wildlife Habitat Council Certification for thesuccessful implementation of a comprehensivewildlife habitat management program and wasalso honored as “Rookie of the Year” by theCouncil. Additionally, the site was also awarded the Corporate Lands for Learning Certificationfor the establishment of a site-based education program.

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Nice post. Thanks. An interesting read.

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That's all very nice and laudable, and certainly forward-thinking and responsible, but countries like China and India and Russia spew so much toxic crap into the environment, increasing algebraically every month, and third world cesspools like Mexico and Bolivia and the Philippines dump heavy metals, banned pesticides and assorted poisons onto open ground, where it runs off into rivers and eventually to the ocean and groundwater, that the best we can hope for is to keep our own local environment clean enough not to kill us too early.

Remember, folks, the "green" concept only exists in a handful of Western countries. Most of the world is too poor, too ignorant, too backward, too greedy, and/or has other problems.

Big Green Larry
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