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When we purchased our Enclave, I asked about the day it was produced; feeling better about the vehicle if the date was after August 1 or knowing a 'flash' was in my future if not. The sales manager said she would check for me and mentioned a Vehicle Production History printout. After the purchase I asked if I could have a copy. Being the great Small Town, USA dealership they are, a copy was mailed to me. I'm sure it is for our Enclave, the Order # is the same as the one shown on our window sticker.

I scanned both pages and posted them in my gallery. I haven't studied the events and dates, and I'm not at all sure what some of the Event Descriptions mean, but it makes for interesting study. It took almost two full months to build the vehicle after it was Accepted by GM. The vehicle is White Diamond but it does not have the Luxury Package.

It is also interesting (to me anyway) that I was at the Lansing Delta Township plant in the visitors center on August 11 (No tour, just looking around) and the vehicle I would end up purchasing was built two days later.

Also looks like the Delivered to Customer Event had yet to be posted on the 27th when this report was printed. Hope this doesn't mean GM could take it back. :eek:
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