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Finally, Enclave arrived

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Finally, my Enclave arrived and I picked it up yesterday! I absolutely love it! It drives like a dream! I traded in a Nissan exterra which was like driving a lumber truck at times, so this is totally a different experience. It really drives wonderfully. I think the dealer was as excited as I was when it was delivered! They have called several times within the day just to check up on how I am making out, etc. My only comment would be that GM needs a better distribution planner, so that the Enclaves are getting to new owners and dealers, instead of waiting for over a week after being off loaded from the rail to truck for delivery to dealers.
Our daughter is on a travel softball team, so we got the Nav system and DVD to help out on the long trips. I have never had leather interior, and I would never go back to cloth now after seeing how comfortable the leather is. I am more than satisfied with this vehicle! We all just love it! Best wishes to the rest of you waiting, and I hope that you will be driving your Enclaves soon!!!
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I get more excited hearing happy owners. When will I be posting something like this :banghead:
congrats - we have had ours for almost 3 weeks now and love it just like the day we picked it up. Enjoy!
Congratulations! :thumb:
congratulations! Glad to hear its such a wonderful vehicle.


i think the less that i look up the enclave on the internet the less i think about it and the longer that i will be able to wait... so i am going to try not to be on here every free second that i have. :eek: :(
Congrats Halie. :blob:
I'm happy for you and I wish you luck.
congratssssssssss.... enjoy your ride :clap2:
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