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★ Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this forum's earliest recorded Enclave delivery date was April 26, 2007. That first one belongs to kenclave[/color] and they have shared a few posts on this board including their excitement at having one of the first known to be on the road. Let's join in congratulating them on this milestone! :cheers: :party:

Others are drawing near to that First Anniversary, too. Since each one here knows their anniversary best, please take a moment on that anniversary day to enter your miles at the one-year mark, using this link to a poll for this purpose: http://www.enclaveforum.net/index.php?topic=2776.0

"Early votes are discouraged."


(BTW. If you want a peek at that first k-enclave machine, here it is: http://www.enclaveforum.net/index.php?action=gallery&g2_itemId=449 )

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I thought these were some good comments from someone on the edmunds site...

I was lucky to be one of the first Enclave owners way back in Aug '07. Nine months and 13k later, I am ready to weigh in with my experiences. I have a 2WD CXL w/ent pkg 2, 2+2+3 seating, and nearly every other option. I live in NE Ohio and have taken it to NYC in the dead of winter and Washington DC this past March. Here's the Pro's and Con's:

Pro: Visual Appeal. This is one of the nicest looking cars, inside and out, on the market today.

Con: The seats are poorly executed. The bottom cushion tilt travel acts like a dump truck to spill you onto the front floor, but does not go nearly far enough in the opposite direction. Seats are way too soft.
Bonus Con: Passenger seat bottom tilts toward the front. Wife complains she is always bracing herself with her feet to keep from sliding forward. No passenger power tilting seat in a $45k car? Are there no passengers working at GM?

Pro: Everything works. The memory seats, memory mirror setting, bi-xenon articulating headlamps, wireless DVD, auto-dimming outside mirror, etc. All the interior goodies I wanted function as advertised. Interior lighting is superior. The dashboard at night rivals any Cessna I've ever been in, and if you drop something on the floor the interior lights illuminate like a prison with the siren going off.

Con: Poor steering wheel articulation forces me to choose which part of the dash I won't be able to see while driving. Wheel down, I can't read my speed if it is under 45-50 mph because the wheel obscures the speedometer. Move the wheel up to see the speedo and I can't see the Driver Information Center or signal light indicators.
Con Reducer: When you can see the dash, it is stunningly beautiful. Even more so at night.

Pro: Gas Mileage.I boosted my city mileage by accelerating like a snail. Now I'm getting 17-18 city mpg. At first, I was only getting 20-21mpg on the highway, cruising 69-74 mph. Over the last month I eased back and would set the cruise at 4mph over the limit, and mileage has jumped to 24-25 mpg. Our terrain is rolling-to-moderate hills, so I could possibly attain that magical 26 mpg-rating on a nice flat road.

Con: Now, at $3.49 a gallon, I'm only driving 4 mph over the posted speed limit on the highway, and at 95 mph this baby really shines. Around town, I'm easy to find (and catch).

Pro: Ventilation is outstanding. Auxiliary vents really help to heat/cool the kiddies in the back, and they worked very well to keep the rear side windows fog-free all winter long.

Con: All these great aerodynamics make for serious wind thumping when the wrong combination of windows are open. You have to find the right combination of windows and sky roof to stop it.

Pro: Strong Engine. I won't win any drag races, but I have all the torque I need to pass on the highway, merge into traffic, and accelerate with confidence.

Con: Brakes are only fair. Driving dynamics are not "inspiring".

So there you have it. I have a couple of minor squeaks that I'll have the dealer address at my next oil change, and yesterday the button on the rear hatch that lowers the rear hatch decided to give up the ghost. My overall rating would be an 8.0. The car is amazingly quiet at any speed. It idles so smoothly, on more than one occasion at the car wash I've had to rev the engine to see the tach move to make sure it was still on. I have a small 5x8 trailer I use to haul light loads, and I really appreciate the hitch cover integrated into the bumper (until you try to put it back on in January with the temperature hovering near zero and you can't locate the darn hole to..well, you get the idea).

The kids (7 and 10) love the rear entertainment. My wife and I like it because we can listen to XM Comedy without worrying about the kids hearing naughty language because they are watching and laughing to Shrek in their wireless headphones.
The ingress/egress to the third row is a snap. We have a boxer who loves to go back and forth between the 2nd row captain's chairs to check out the driver, make sure everything is ok, then saunter back to the rear. Over and over.

Storage, cup holders, even the gear-shift knob just fall nicely into your hands. I am very pleased with the fit and finish. Gap tolerances inside and out are excellent, though maybe a quarter-step below a Lexus. But hey, this is a Buick, right? For a GM product to be that close is amazing and welcome.

My only trips to the dealer were for scheduled maintenance and an emergency run when I poured the washer fluid into the coolant reservoir. I did spring for nitrogen gas in the tires, and they really hold their pressure evenly.

Finally, I can proudly say my car turns heads, drives nicely, works properly and can haul a ton of stuff home from Costco while still getting respectable gas mileage.
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