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First crisis with my new Enclave.....

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Had my Enclave for 24 hours and my husband was adjusting the steering wheel. The little black knob, about an inch square, broke off in his hand! He has gone to the nearest Buick dealer to get them to order the part. We didn't buy the car from them (bought it 90 miles away), so that will be an humbling experience for him. He feels so bad about it. The car is his gift to me for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Gold Mist CXL, FWD

So be careful---it's fragile!
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Sorry to hear about the knob. What do you think of the color? I'm ordering the Gold Mist but haven't seen it in person. Do you have any pictures or comments?

We love the color. It is a very soft gold, and elegant looking. I haven't had time to do pictures yet--maybe tomorrow if I can figure out the digital camera bit.
We got the cashmere interior and it looks great with the brown and "wood" interior. Couldn't be happier with the color.
I think Subaru Outback has a similar Gold color, its light and bright. IMO, good choice.
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