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Interesting website providing info to fleet purchasers but we can view it, too!
We already know much of the info posted and the WDT info is outdated:

Lead time 8-10 weeks
Lead times on CXL models may increase by 2 to 4 weeks as demand is currently exceeding production capacity
White Diamond Tricoat (98U) paint may increase lead time by 4 weeks or more due to early buildout
Center Row Console (DK1) will not be available until 1st Quarter of 2008 Calendar Year - new option


Also posted is plant downtime for the Enclave: The week of 12/24 is listed as downtime with a big push to get fleet orders filled prior to the downtime...not good news for our 12/17 build date members.....

Hmm, they are also getting a $1000 fleet incentive...I thought GM did not want this to be a 'fleet car'? ???
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