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Flip flopping back to the Acadia

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I was finally able to convince my wife to switch back to the Acadia. I will be the primary driver, so one would think that my decision actually meant something. I found a 2007 Blue-Gold Acadia AWD SLT w/ black leather...completely loaded around $44k + change. I plan on emailing the dealership tomorrow to discuss prices.

Good luck to all on getting your Enclaves.
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May I ask why are you swtiching back?
Well, I'll just say that at least you got the color right. :D
Just kidding, enjoy the ride...
My guess would be that he likes the more traditional SUV look of the Acadia better.

At the beginning I liked both the Acadia and Enclave. The odd thing was that my wife actually seemed to prefer the Acadia better. I thought for sure she'd like the Enclave better. I liked both but leaned towards the Enclave because it just looks more upscale and if I was to pay that amount I wanted it to look every bit of the price and more. I don't know if I'd take it to work every day but she'd be driving it most of the time anyway. Also, on the weekends and on trips, I'd prefer the quieter and more luxurious ride.

Then I realized it was because we actually saw the Acadia in person but at the time could only see the Enclave online. She's the type that really needs to see things in person. A week or so later we got to see the Enclave in person and that's when the shift began. By the time we ordered it, she was 100% Enclave.
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There were three things that I did not like about the Enclave:

1) I don't like the plastic "wood" on the dash...love the steering wheel though

2) The teal lights on the dash reminded me of some outdated electronics from the 80s or early 90s...although this was not a deal killer for me.

3) I can't stand the rear of the Enclave. I like it when I'm looking at it in pictures...but when I'm at the dealership and get up and close to it, I don't like it. It reminds me of the Batmobile from the old Batman TV shows. The rear is also too curvy for my tastes.
For those who do not like the curvy rounded lines of the Enclave I would like to offer the following as an alternative.

This should be to your less curvy taste. :eek:

And would you look at those color choices.... you don't see those on an Enclave. ::)
Dig that matching blue bumper, license plate light and rock panel in blue ... I think those were only available as part of the Luxury Package. 8)

We sure have come a long ways from those days :thumb:
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netmag said:
Well, I'll just say that at least you got the color right. :D
Just kidding, enjoy the ride...
You must be kidding right!

I think GM is wasting its time and energy painting the Lambdas in any other color than RED :p
I have to agree the Jewel Red is outstanding, saw one today at my local dealer show room. They also had the Carbon black which I didn't really like.
It's a good thing that cars come in so many colors. Red and the plain white are my two least favorite colors of the Lambdas.
wow comic,

where did you find those pics and what are those?

antique, i must agree the carbon black flash or whatever they call it leaves much to be desired.
From wikipedia

"The Volkswagen Type 181 "Kurierwagen", popularly known in the United States as the Thing, in Mexico as the Safari and in the United Kingdom as the Trekker, was a small military vehicle produced by Volkswagen from 1969 to 1983, although civilian sales stopped in 1980. It was based in part on Volkswagen's Beetle Type I and was an evolution of the Kübelwagen, which had been used by the German military during World War II. The models sold new in America from 1972-1974."

Somehow the DISCO era had to be involved in the design of these vehicles. :tard:
Ugh, that always happens. Just when I make the plunge and buy an Enclave you show me this. I've always wanted a convertible, too. And that red is just something. Do you think it comes with remote start? :D
was hoping that light grey trimmed w/light blue came w/ power folding mirrors, heated seats and advance remote start.... ;D
Fenwah-best of luck! I had been flip flopping lately as well. Agree with you on the Enclave interior so naturally that is the first thing my wife stated that she liked when we test drove both of them this weekend. She immediately dismissed the Acadia stating that she didn't like how she sat in the driver's seat. Apparently there is considerable (sarcasm) difference between the two. Now I just have to sell her on the reduced vision out the back. Fortunately our tester had the Entertainment 4 package with the rear view camera. She is also convinced that we are giving up mucho cargo space behind the third row from our Trailblazer EXT despite the numbers stating otherwise. As far as the Enclave having "feminine lines" I agree but after seeing them parked next to eachother I like the size of the Enclave front end as it appears larger than the tapered nose of the Acadia. I think that both are great choices and it is as subjective as the color. Speaking of which, if anyone is looking for a Blue-Gray or a Liquid Silver Enclave come to New England. Those are by far the only color choices around here.
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Either way you can't go wrong! :thumb: I had an Acadia AWD SLT2 Red Jewel Tint w/Titanium. As soon as the Enclave became available I traded for an Enclave AWD CXL same colors :) I traded for the exact same (opposite reasons as you) I like the wood interior and I really like the design (curves) of the Enclave a bit better. Very happy with both, though more "problems with the Enclave in the first 1000 miles than I had with the Acadia in 2800 miles.
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