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Went boneyard scavenging today and picked up a few misc bits someone might be interested in (or not). Everything out of a 2016.

1) clock. No trim, just the clock.
2) GC owners manual & warranty booklet with nylon case.
3) Upper/center dash cubby. Black. Has the speaker grille but it's covered (underneath) with a piece of plastic (looks like from the factory).

This Enclave also had a heated steering wheel that looks to be in decent condition. Blown air bag but that shouldn't matter. I didn't pull it nor did I ask what they'd take for it (if they pull it). If you're interested, I'd be happy to call them back. 1/2 payment up front and I'll buy it. 1/2 payment before I ship it.

Make me an offer (plus shipping from 46970) for any/all of the parts. I only went shopping for the dash cubby then realized my dash is tan, not black AFTER I got home.
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