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Full Review After One Week

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We picked up our Enclave last Friday and have had it a solid week now and have put 600 miles on it (took a weekend trip after picking it up). Ours is CXL AWD White Diamond with NAV, DVD, 7 pass and everything else except engine block heater. It has the cashmere interior with cocoa accents. We had ordered one in late May and it was looking like August delivery but I lucked out and found this one at another dealer the day it rolled off the car carrier (hard to believe it was not pre-sold). It had more options but I was able to get a bit of a better deal. Luck of the draw I guess.
Anyway, I'll get the slight negative out of the way first as I already posted it in another discussion...some car seats and or boosters do not fit quite right because the 2nd and 3rd row headrests are not adjustable or removeable...I am awaiting a response from Buick. I did get our two seats installed but one is going to make a nasty dent in the foam of the headrest.
The Enclave is extremely quiet as everyone has said and in my opinion, I think it rides like a soft BMW 5 series (a relative has one and I have driven it many times)...very smooth but firm enough to feel connected to the road...not bouncy or squishy like large cadillacs. To me it feels just perfect and I feel like it handles like a larger sedan rather than an SUV...feels very tight and predictable (It is markably different than the ACADIA which I have driven as well). The power steering is so powerful you can turn the wheel with one finger and that takes some getting used to. This CUV is no speed demon but feels more than adequate to me. I had absolutely no issues passing people with pride on the highway and as far as city driving...yes it is quick to upshift but I appreciate the 18mpg in the city. Thats right, we average 17.5-18mpg in the city and our highway trip netted us over 21 mpg! (This car only pushes 1800 RPM on the Highway at 70 MPH) Coming from a Ford Expedition that averaged 12.7 mpg, this is a huge improvement. Interior comfort is also excellent. Seats are very comfortable and I like the layout of the dash and the controls. Most of the interior buttons are on the small size but fine for my wife who will be driving most of the time. I really like the amber lighting that shines down on the controls and shifter at night...feels very elegant and gives just the right amount of light. The navigation seems to work well (its the first time I have had one) but it is slightly flawed in the fact that a street number may show on the nav screen in a bit of a different position than it is in reality...so you may have to drive another 1/4 mile to your destination after it says you have arrived. As for the DVD...the kids love it and you can really hear the surround sound working. The screen flips down from the ceiling but actually blocks the rearview mirror LESS than it did in our Expedition...this surprised me but it is true. As for the radio/sound system...its the best I have ever heard in a vehicle.
The curves of the vehicle are not the best for maneuvering because it is hard to see where the vehicle begins and ends from the drivers seat. However, as with any new vehicle, I'm sure I will get used to it but the back-up sensors and rearview camera are excellent tools and work extremely well...one or the other is a necessity in my opinion.
The Enclave is a very deceptive vehicle...at certain angles you would swear there was no way it had three rows of AMPLE seating...but it does. It is bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. I am not saying a six footer would take a 2 hour trip in the third row, but he or she can fit...and someone under 5'8" would certainly be comfortable IMHO. All seating positions feel supportive and plush but the 3rd row center is really only designed for the slender type.
All in all I am thrilled with the vehicle and I am already noticing people giving the car a real look when I pass by...last night someone passing me going the other way pointed at me and gave me the thumbs up sign...that makes you feel pretty good. It also is cool that I have not seen another Enclave on the road yet! This car really seems to get people's attention...especially when they realize it is a buick and not a foreign model.
I washed it for the first time last night and really got to give the exterior a once over. The whole car seems very tight and fits together very well...there is a good deal of plastic materials but every new car seems to be that way now. For those of you that have one already...I wonder if you could tell me how long the new car "burn In" smell will go on for...the car smells hot after driving it and occasionally this smell makes it to the cabin when parked or at a red light. I assume this is the normal burning in of all the exhaust metals etc but would like to hear from others.
Love the vehicle and can't wait to hear from others.
I'll leave you with some recommendations:
1.check the fit of your car/booster seats if you have them.
2.If you have kids and still need the third row for seating, buy some seatback protectors because if you slide the second row seats forward to accomodate a third row passenger, a child in a car seat will be able to kick and scuff the seat in front of them.
3.When closing the rear hatch automatically, make sure it closes all the way before going in the house or a store (any little obstruction will cause it to reopen).
3.Keep your Enclave looking good so we can all make others drool as we pass by.
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My car was purchased in 1998 (Pontiac Grand Prix). I know exactly what you are talking about with the new car smell (burn) under the hood. I think mine lasted a few months. Since the Grand Prix was my first new car, I was a bit worried that maybe something was touching something really hot that shouldn't.

BTW, thanks for the review. I plan on bringing in all my car seats in the next couple weeks just to be sure that they do indeed fit properly.
Fantastic review! And congrats on a SWEET ride!!
msS42...how did I know you were going to ask for pics?...What would you like to see...I can post whatever you like but I did not want to be repetitive because in looking at other pics I have seen most everything. Do you just want pics from different people even though they may be repetitive?
RJBEL said:
msS42...how did I know you were going to ask for pics?...What would you like to see...I can post whatever you like but I did not want to be repetitive because in looking at other pics I have seen most everything. Do you just want pics from different people even though they may be repetitive?
lol, well until i can get mine pics are all i have and some cameras take better pics than others...we are just enclave fanatics and love looking at em. would like to see a good pic of that beauty in the garage at night w/lights shinning on it hehehehehe... would give us a really good look at that white diamond color.

why am i starting to feel as if everyone knows me?
MsS42...let me work on this over the weekend...maybe I can set up a tripod and take a long exposure shot or two at dusk with the spotlights on it from my house...I may need to reapply some tire dressing first so you get the full effect of the chrome wheels...haha... :) :dancing:
whoooo hoooooo, sounds like a plan :thumb:
Great info, thanks.
I can't wait to get my white diamond enclave that was ordered just like yours back on May 5th - 7 weeks and waiting! :sosad: Can't wait to see your pics! ;D Congratulations!
RJBEL, I'm happy for you......it sounds like a beauty. Take care and good luck. :cheers:
RJBEL, I have the exact same vehicle in every detail. We love ours as well. You wrote a fabulous review, very indepth.

Have you tried looking for a different model car seat that might fit better? Might be an inexpensive fix.
Great Pics & Review. :cheers:
MsS42...your request has been honored...exterior photos posted ::)
beautiful ride.... the very last pic really shows why they call it white diamond, simply beautiful. ty.
Wife asked about the burn smell tonight, it is noticeable after a short trip, like plastic burning. Going to talk to the dealership this Tuesday just to make sure but otherwise an awesome ride and great looks...
:cheers: Congrats RJBel glad you like your ride and you took some great pics! I am so excited and can't wait to "join the club"!
Am I the only one that can't see rjbel's pics. I went to the gallery (page 2) and it's empty. ???
FlavaClav said:
Am I the only one that can't see rjbel's pics. I went to the gallery (page 2) and it's empty. ???
I can't see them either. Since that's exactly what I ordered, I certainly would like to see them and have a better sense of what I ordered. I tried twice already and nothing. :(
I was drooling to see the pics...went to his gallery...NO pics [/color] :confused: Boo hoo...
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