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I am using Gas Cubby App to track the data after I bought Rogue. I think it is very useful realistic data provider. My average MPG combined is 24 for 14,000 miles. This is most city, freeway might have like 2000 miles which is roughly 15%. Total used gas 574 gallons, highest 30.48 mpg, lowest 19 mpg.miles per fill up 276, cost per day $3.44. As per day total fuel cost $ 1760.00 for 17 months, average $3.07 /gallon in Visalia, CA. Highest cost per gallon $4.05 [Jul-18-2014], lowest /gallon 2.059 [Feb-2-2015] , all in Visalia, California.
I really wish I had this app when I had enclave (I guess my average was 14 mpg for enclave in similar conditions).
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