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My Enclave 2008 gate lift does not work properly. Most often, it will open halfway and reverses direction to close before it's fully opened. I realized that when I hit the button on the remote -while the gate lift is trying to close- it releases the motor assembly (the gate will open like any manual gate with the help of the struts -free style).

I never had a problem with it until I took it to the dealership for a recall!!! As soon as they were done with the update, I noticed the problem which the recall states manifesting the next day!

My wife took it to the dealer who claimed the struts are bad and need replacement. I put new struts and the problem keeps getting worse. I'm very confident that the switch of the motor needs to be reprogram but the dealership and the GM headquarter are simply ignoring me! Isn't it funny that this is my first time to by a GM car?

My question is there a way to reset the program without resorting to the dealer again?

Thank you

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You can probably find a reputable shop who can either program the vehicle themselves, or bring in the technician they use to do it for them. This can be just as much as a dealer charges or is may be less, you would have to compare. The tool used is expensive and the software updates are expensive to subscribe to, so a lot of shops will not have their own. If the shop doesn't need the Tech II tool on a regular basis, they may have a technician that they use to come in when needed, or they tell you that you must go to a dealer. Unfortunately they may only be able to upgrade to the latest version of software, they may not be able to use an older version. You would have to confirm if it is the latest version or an older version.

If the struts failed after the software upgrade at the dealer, I believe they are covered for a certain amount of time after the recall, maybe 30 to 60 days.
Also, if you replaced the struts yourself, there is a right and a left, make sure you got them correct.

Struts are covered 90 days from the recall work.
Here is some language from the NHTSA site:
Dealers will reprogram the Accessory and Lift Gate Control Module with a new software
calibration intended to mitigate the condition. Additionally, after reprogramming the vehicle,
dealers will verify power lift gate operation. If this functionality check reveals that the
reprogramming was ineffective because one or both lift gate gas struts are no longer capable of
supporting the weight of the lift gate, dealers are to replace both struts.
Note: If the lift gate gas struts do not require replacement when the Accessory and Lift Gate
Control Module is reprogrammed but one or both struts subsequently fails during the 90 day
period after the reprogramming event, dealers are to replace both struts at no charge to the
customer in the interest of customer satisfaction. Dealers should submit a policy warranty
Page 2 November 2016 Bulletin No.: 15240C
transaction to cover this service. Depending on a dealer’s self-authorization or empowerment
level, this ZREG transaction type may require wholesale authorization. However, since lift gate
gas strut replacement is normally considered a maintenance item, if a strut fails after the 90 day
period, replacement of one or both struts should not be covered and should be considered as a
customer pay issue.

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I received the the recall notice but didn't bring my 08 in. I was having probs with my liftgate opening on its own at random times. I replaced the exterior mounted switch on the liftgate and since then no problems. Funny thing is I figured if I brought it in to a dealer I would get a large bill I didn't want. I cut the old switch up and found a serious amount of corrosion and deterioration. I think i got the switch on e-nay for 15 dollars and it's pretty easy to change. Soldering iron and heat shrink is all you need.... and solder.....no butt connectors as they are evil...lol...gl
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