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Good news.

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This morning our dealer advise us that our enclave was build, and that we should received it
within two weeks.
The sooner the better
Ordered March 21 st
CXL FW Cocoa/ebony
Everything except Nav and chrome wheels.
We also asked our dealer to order: 2 way advanced remote start system and
personal audio link. Both should be available sometimes this summer
We live in Canada.
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Congrats.. :thumb:

We got the same news over the weekend!
That's great! you must be so excited!

We also live in Canada and ordered our enclave on March 20th. We have a build date which is set for June 25th.

What was your build date? and how long did it take for your enclave to get built?

We did order on March 21 st - G.M. acknowledged the order on March 23 rd
The production date was schedules week of June 4 th and kept that way all along.
Hope you have an answer soon.
Congratulations!!! I'll bet you're really pumped.

Hey Jcamp, when did you order yours??
My dealer just notified me that I will probably take delivery from him during the week of June 24th. :cheers: I ordered the PCK package so I guess things must be ok now.
We modified an existing order that they already had in place. So I can't be sure of when the order was originally placed. We modified it on May 12th. We had the lux package too, it was already on the order before we changed it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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