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Dealer called Monday at 2:30 as soon as the wheels hit the ground, said it was ours until we told them otherwise. Drove off the lot Tuesday morning. White Diamond, CXL,awd,Ent.#4,Sunroof,19" chrome. Sweet ride, super quiet. This was the dealers first Enclave and he begged us to let him borrow it for a day for the Enclave event in a few days. We agreed to let him as long as nobody drove it, it will be parked inside and he is only calling a few of his better customers to come in and look at it. We're probably being to generous, but we live in a small town and trust that he'll take care of it. He missed the initial rollout waiting for this one to show up and we bought as soon as the plastic was taken off the seats. I will post pics and pricing this weekend hopefully. Oh yea, cocoa and cashmere interior, driver conf., luxury package, tow package.
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I would ask for a month's payment.

Nothing personal its all business ;)
It was kinda funny, we had already signed all the paperwork and were going over the Nav., onstar etc. with the salesman in a front office when the sales manager came in and sheepishly asked us if he could borrow it. I told him it would be fine but nobody was to drive it or crawl around in it. He said he would wash it before and after and would give us a loaner to drive, I thought about asking for the luggage cross bars, but I'm just to nice I guess. He treated us pretty fair and they had been waiting along with us for it to come in for months. Just need to do a good inspection for damage before and after. My wife will kill if anything happens to it. The salesman also told me that the owners son was PO'd because he wanted it for a demo :binky: .
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